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Lunar Energy: Formic Acid Case Research Paper

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Updated: Feb 10th, 2022

The problem of climate change has plagued humanity from the very beginning of the industrial revolution when anthropogenic impact began to transform the world around us fundamentally. The scientists of Lunar Energy have learned how to convert industrial gases into energy. The company is specialized in providing excellent volume energy for many countries, as well as for a high number of private and public companies.

Due to its significant contribution to the world’s struggle against the greenhouse effect, the firm has gained international recognition and plenty of investments. By the year 2035, the company had been developed into a full-scale transnational enterprise with roots and headquarters in Australia. Lunar Energy participates in many transnational and multinational programs related to the safe production of energy, which results in remarkable cooperation with international organizations. The company forever inscribed its name in history through the invention of a reactor that uses industrial gases as a source of energy.

Industrial gases can be converted into clean energy using a unique reactor that uses carbon dioxide as a feedstock and displays a highly purified concentration of formic acid. This acid, which has been produced by traditional carbon dioxide devices for a long time, most often requires expensive and energy-intensive stages of purification. At the same time, the direct production of formic acid contributes to the active development of industrial technologies for the conversion of carbon dioxide, thereby healing our environment.

During the first tests of the new technology, the reactor achieved the effectiveness of energy transformation of almost 50% (Reactor turns greenhouse gas, 2019). Such a result means that energy may be saved in formic acid in the form of special liquid fuel. Moreover, the high environmental friendliness of formic acid allows not only to generate electricity while emitting carbon dioxide but also to capture by-products, processing them again.

Business Proposal

Lunar Energy would like to make an offer to the hospital regarding the provision of energy in the form of formic acid. The company understands that healthcare is an expensive and substantial part of any economy that requires many crucial resources. Lunar Energy has an impeccable business reputation and pursues the aim of providing its services to critical economic and social areas in Australia on a beneficial basis to both parties. The company is ready to propose a 25% discount for its production to ensure that, first of all, it complies with the intentions of enhancing its reputation and the Australian economy.

How Energy Will be Provided

After the hospital places the order and measures the exact volume of energy that it needs, Lunar Energy will convert industrial gases into formic acid. Then, the company will put this acid into specific IBC containers developed by the firm, as formic acid is a quite dangerous substance (Formic acid, no date; Lockwood, 2017). Lunar Energy also will also give the hospital a particular device that allows the transition of energy from the acid to generators of the health establishment. It is the usual practice for the firm, and the device will be available for the hospital until the contract is terminated. Such an approach leads to the safe transportation of the product from Lunar Energy to the healthcare provider.

Who Will Work to Control Energy

Lunar Energy will provide competent specialists who will continuously monitor and control the flow and use of energy. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that due to the reasonable policy of the Australian government regarding artificial intelligence (AI), the company has the opportunity to involve AI in its business (Artificial intelligence, 2020). AI responsibilities in the processes of control and distribution of energy in Lunar Energy will be as follows. It will calculate and predict the volume of energy that might be required by the hospital and it will make transparent reports on the used and unused power. However, crucial decisions will still be made by specialists; hence, the firm adheres to a mixed approach within the scope of the energy control to ensure safety.

How Energy Will be Transported

After formic acid is put in the IBC container, it will be transported to the hospital by an autonomous vehicle (AV). In recent years, AVs have become an essential part of life in Australia, and Lunar Energy uses this technology to provide fast and quality product transportations (KPMG, 2019). The firm’s AVs have the latest software and do not require any governance from a human, excluding the route determination.

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