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Management Communication Assessment and Improvement Plan Essay

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Good communication management protects the businesses especially in times of crisis. This is because it changes, maintains, and empowers a skilled workforce at the same time increasing the accessibility of the business to investors and resources and consequent competitive advantage (Dozier et al, 1995). This is because this attribute has the capability of creating quality for a company’s goods and services. To an individual, proper communication management maintains strong social relations with others.

Communication style

‘Telling’ is my management communication style. I normally make decisions or just pass them down to the employees from the general manager with an expectation that they will follow the instructions to the latter with no reported challenges. However, I have realized that this downward, unidirectional, and non-interactive communication has certainly weighed down the company’s performance. I found out that the rules passed down were only followed if they were concerned with the clarification of how the job should be done. Because inquiries about the desirability of the decisions are discouraged and even forbidden, it has left the customers dissatisfied.

Dissemination of information

According to Dozier et al (1995), any leader is charged with making the group he leads more valuable. Therefore, communication management is important in achieving this. Given my weakness that is portrayed I my delivery of direct messages, I plan to improve on that by encouraging employee participation. To do this, I will make sure that I follow the due communication process. First, I will identify the message that needs to be sent and then determine the target audience for communication. Therefore, I will decide on relaying the message at the appropriate time. This will be after I have consulted with the manager on the possible risks after going through the instructions.

The event through which one can relay the message is equally valuable (Tripathi, 2005). Therefore, I will make proper use of the communication events after which I will work hand in hand to get feedback from the employees that will enlighten me towards improving my communication. This is because, outward recognition that is affected by promptly verbalized public acknowledgement is normally necessary to building public trust (Grunig and IABC Research Foundation, 1992). In case of any problems, I should be ready to accept my responsibility and work together for the betterment of the institution I will be working for in the future.

Taking up blame

I have also come to realize that I have a problem with accepting that i have messed up in certain situations. Therefore, i waste time blaming the others junior employees even if the burden lies squarely on me. However, as Hattersley and McJanne (2007) put it, reaction is the most challenging part of communication management. He asserts that, reacting with the correct response is important in dealing with communication breakdown.

More often than not, behaviour normally comes before communication. He thus warns that non-behaviour or unsuitable behavior leads to spin. Tripathi (2005) advices that a strategic discussion is the most powerful tool of value that should be undertaken. However, one has to be careful so that he does not fall a dupe of abusing the intelligence the executive. To deal with this, i plan to keenly listen first to my employees and get to digest their problems before acting.

Therefore, when my junior comes to me for a problem reporting or help will be quick to recognize the impact and involve myself with the assistance that he needs. Thereafter, I will seek retribution by encouraging employees to suggest what they would want for the betterment of the company. This boils to the explanation part of solving the problem. This is where everyone is involved in problem solving to come out with a solution that is feasible and exhaustible.

Dealing with shame

Another area of weakness in my communication management style is dealing with shame. Thus, why i find it extremely difficult to associate with companies whose reputation is not impeccable. This may be beyond my management when in such a company where it is at the brink of collapse. This is because; others (Lukaszewski, 1998) often confer the trust and credibility of a company. To fix this, i have to work on my fear. In case customers approach me in such an organisation, I plan to provide them with advanced information. This will be an explanation on what caused the company to plunge into that particular problem.

In addition, I plan to explain to them what the company is doing to fix the mess. Then I would ask the senior management for input. Therefore, a manager should lead the way to show his commitment. Thus, why I will listen extremely carefully and demonstrate to them that I have heard. This will be through change of plans and keep in touch with them. Finally, I will try to bring involuntary participants into the decision making process.


Effective communication is particularly valuable for every organization. This is because it is required for all especially in a business industry. This is because these workers need to be able to carry out both their tasks and duties in a bid to secure satisfactory performance. This ensures that the right people receive the right information and at the opportune time. Communication management is thus a key tool towards better public relations for it is enabling especially in the coming up of a strategy that works for the benefit of all. Therefore, to become an effective communicator, it requires effort, observation and both verbal and non-verbal strategies.


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