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Managing Across the Globe Essay

Management across the globe is a new management strategy in which an individual oversees the running of global projects. Taking into account the geographical challenge posed by this management system, managers of such projects need to be excellent coordinators.

A number of aspects ought to be seriously considered if this management approach has to be successful. The cardinal factor is trust. The senior management has to cultivate a culture of mutual trust among the globally distributed teams.

Teams can be productive only if they have the assurance that they are equal partners in the ongoing project and that their contribution is valued. Building trust among team members enhances reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of the teams.

According to the text, there are several strategies that can be adopted in management of projects across the globe. As a manager, there is need to have a solid grasp of all these strategies and how they can be put to proper use (Certo & Trevis, 2009). Clear understanding of project systems makes the manager better placed to monitor project progress with regard to the schedule.

Another important factor in managing across the globe is clarification of the meaning of every handoff (Rothman, 2005). The implication is that every schedule that is created for a global project must be accompanied by an appropriate milestone criterion together with the milestones.

Additionally, it is important for managers engaged in management of projects and people across the globe to make verification of all completed tasks. This aids in assessing the working pace and make recommendations for further considerations and closure of the project (Rothman, 2005). Managers can achieve this through talking to their team members across the globe to attain an agreement over a particular criterion.

It is also vital that global managers train their team members to periodically submit information concerning the state of their projects from time to time in order to enable the manager monitor the projects and stay informed (Certo & Trevis, 2009).

Though this management strategy currently appears to be the most popular approach to running multinational projects, it is characterized by a cohort of challenges. It is not easy to manage projects and people across the globe due to associated demands and challenges.

However, leaders confronted with such a responsibility need to stay bold and apply the above tactics and other management skills for the general success of the assigned projects (Rothman, 2005).

Case: Managing the global arena (Wal-Mart)

Being an ambitious scholar with intentions of becoming a global leader, I look forward to getting involved in global (international) management at some point in my career. I envisage starting a business organization and locating various branches around the world. With this in place, I will be able to involve myself in international management of the business organization to ensure that success is attained.

In management of a Wal-Mart store in Japan, the most difficult challenge in attainment of success will be creating a work place characterized by team work spirit, good communication and highly motivated workforce. This is because attainment of such characteristics requires exercise of effective management skills and willingness to compromise (Certo & Trevis, 2009).

The statement implies that good management skills can be learned and mastered by any interested person. Effective management skills can therefore be acquired through collaborations and staff exchange programs with competitor organizations.


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