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Market Plan for Clarisonic Face Cleansing Machine Term Paper

Executive summary

The world is moving from a native tradition to a comfortable palace with a wide variety of options to choose from, men cosmetic industry being no exceptional. Clarisonic is driving a momentum force towards men cosmetic and machine industry.

Clarisonic face cleansing machine is the answer to the men face a problem that has been long awaiting an answer. The negative impacts posed by the sun, climate change, and other natural factors can diminish skin’s vitality. Indeed, the most appropriate and important way to care for the skin is to cleanse it free of oils, dirt, pollutants, and free from radicals.

Clarisonic considered marketing has an important tool and a key contributor to the company’s success. The company has rated it itself in the market industry through critical look at the SWOT of the company and its markets. Marketing mix has been well balanced to ensure that they go extra miles to capture and to retain larger market as well as enjoy the profitability.

According to (Luther, 27) the marketing research approach is used to develop the marketing strategy and tactic for the new product. Implementations are based on the facts from findings after a critical analysis has been done.

An overview

Clarisonic face cleansing company founded June 12, 1990. The company’s world headquarter is located in Paris France. The company operates by the vision “to achieve total customer satisfaction through deliver of products and services that enhance self-image and confidence.” Clarisonic face cleansing sells a variety of skin-care products through more salespeople worldwide.

The product line consists of more than 150 beauty products, including skin-care, cosmetics, body care, sun protection products and now the face cleansing for men. Clarisonic has incorporated much of its traditional philosophy into its corporate strategy to maintain high-quality products.

The company is widely known for reliability and quality of products. Today, clarisonic is a leader in innovation and production high-quality products. Clarisonic is private owned company with high motivation of men cosmetic.

Clarisonic face cleansing’s mission

Driving efforts together in a lean way, global enterprise as an innovative leader measured by customer experience, employee, dealer, supplier, and community satisfaction. clarisonic’s plan entails an aggressive structure to operate profitably in the current world demand for cosmetic products, while changing the marketing style.

The other plan includes scaling up the development of new products that correspond to the needs of our customers. In achieving these plans, clarisonic believes in availing necessary funds that improve the status of the balance sheet through an effective spirit of teamwork (Westwood 3).

The primary goal of the company remains an exciting and viable company that delivers products that meet customers’ expectations.

The product

Clarisonic face cleansing machine is in line with the highly demanded need by men to improve their skin care. There has been a notion by men who the cosmetic industry has segmented and negligent them. This has provided a platform for Clarisonic. Company to venture through innovation to produce cosmetic products that care for men skin.

More and more men are becoming interested in taking care of their skin and a simple skincare routine of cleansing and moisturizing will significantly help improve health skin. The natural effects brought or initiated by man activities cause huge problems to our skins. Therefore, the first and important way to care for our skin is to cleanse.

Not to mention, men’s skin withstands more abuse resulting from irritation of shaving on a daily routine.

These reasons justify why we are proposing a new and unique deep cleansing face machine that gently exfoliates the skin and comfortably enough for a man to incorporate into his daily skin cleansing routine as it revives and smoothes skin by removing dead skin cells and buildups oil. The clarisonic face cleansing machine also stand a chance of hydrating and revitalizing the skin.


From the beginning, the company had been established as direct sales products. The products are sold through various channels to ensure timely delivery and availability to the target customers.

The products are also sold through clarisonic beauty consultants, which work efficiently, and within flexible schedules. The consultants complete the channel by dealing with customers directly. They get the products from the company and successful reach out for larger markets both internally and external market (Westwood 194).


Clarisonic Financial goals

  • The clarisonic face cleansing company anticipates an increase of about 20% by the end of 2012. Based on the previous sales data, the company anticipates increasing its sales by 20% compared to the last figures.
  • To maintain a sustained increase in sales of new cosmetic products of 50% by the end of 2012
  • To sustain a sales margin of over 10,000,000 cosmetic products in every segment by the end of 2012
  • To maintain high gross profit margin above the industry score percentage.

Non-Financial goals

  • To introduce the newly developed men cleansing machine in the rest of the world including Africa, Asian, European and US markets
  • To generate efficiency through advanced distribution and logistics control.
  • To establish and improve the sales for all clarisonic products
  • To sustain higher company profitability and ranking the company as the number one men cosmetic company in the world market
  • Expand its product portfolio and entering new markets to maintain market leadership

Situation analysis

There is one normal but special question that has been long awaiting an answer that clarisonic face cleansing machine is trying to respond to “what about us?” this question has been raised by men who felt ignored as they watch their female counterpart use the facial products. Because of this reason, clarisonic developed interest in trying to respond to this notion by men, hence developed face cleansing machine for men.

Normal forecast

The current trends in product demand.

The existing need for beauty by both sexes has exerted pressure on the cosmetic industry to shift its manufacturing decisions from targeting one sex. Indeed, this has led to innovations hence the manufacture of face cleansing machine.

The machine is highly demanded by men who desire health and beauty skin. There is increased market volatility implying that new products in the cosmetic industry lose ground within 2-3 years after the manufacture.

Most of the players in the industry enter into the production of cleansing machine leading to increased competition and substandard products in the market. The rapid expansion in technology accelerates the speed at which imitations are developed. However, the current market looks auspicious to this business due to fewer competitors in this industry.

SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis mainly covers four important marketing concepts (Luther, 9). These can be uncovered as strength, weakness, opportunities and threat that always, in one way or another, they affect the daily routine of the business. The SWOT analyses further divides into two categories; those that are internal and those that affect the business from an external perspective.


Strength examines the advantages that the business poses over other competitors in same industry. The strength of this product is that of few if any, facial machine products that closely and directly address male skin care needs. Being only or if any, which means very few businesses provides little competition to take attention from this product.

This is a platform for clarisonic to create a unique niche in the market place. The company thrives on a number of inherent strengths, which may continue to yield positive results through strategic implementation plans.

The overt brand reputation created by the company offers a unique platform for business success. Additionally, the company’s strategic presence and contribution toward the welfare of the community provide a sure way of creating a formidable goodwill for the company (Westwood 194).


The weakness of this product does not relate with the product quality or the marketing channels. By the way, customers will react to the machine is the concern. This is a new entrant in the market with numerous options. Though mostly needed by the male generation, the feedbacks are unknown and uncovered.

Another weakness is about market segmentation. If a section or a group chosen is young or too old in age, then the company runs the risk of marketing to segment of males who are indifferent about their facial skin condition.


There anticipate tremendous opportunities for this product to dominate and maintain a market for men’s face cleansing products given it is the newness of this concept. Although the company faces numerous challenges coupled with a number of weaknesses, the company can benefit from the prevailing opportunities internally and externally generated for the business.

The strategic entry into the emerging markets promises a huge potential for increased sales returns for clarisonic face cleansing. The company focuses to exploit the unexplored market segments within the wider global market, especially in the Eastern Europe, US, Africa and Asian markets.


Although this product is new in the market, it is threatened by various external threats. The main outside threat to the success of this product is the possibility of another company to come up with a product that is similar in characteristics yet higher in visibility as well as more accessible. Another possible threat concerns the government policies and political settings in other countries that the product is to venture.

Marketing mix

Product promotion

Through close commitment with existing marketing approaches, clarisonic will bring the product line into the existing consumer population. To prepare and plan a successful marketing plan for clarisonic face cleansing machine products for men will offer a completely new line and target for the company.

Through creating cross-promotional a cross the market, the face-cleansing machine will focus at the current target demographic groups. The groups will be segmented into sub markets according to age, income, social status, lifestyle and level of the knowledge. The product will mainly target male customers above 25 years. Special partnership will review and analyze market for potential appeal.

The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix


With a wide variety of options to choose from, the clarisonic will use both the intermediaries and direct channels to reach the target population. The company will also utilize direct sales people along with campaigns to sensitize the public created brand awareness.


The will decide on a fair price that will generate income to the business as well as the customer be satisfied with value. Customers are willing to buy a product more and more if the value of the product is relevant to the satisfaction, that product pays in turn.


Clarisonic face cleansing intents to exploit the safety and efficiency needed and to provide awareness of their new products on the global market to influence the market trends. This will eventually increase their global presence and brand equity, hence providing the company with extended revenues. Another objective of clarisonic is to associates the face-cleansing machine with men’s skin care. This will popularize the brand in the market hence increasing sales volume of the company.


Today, the per capita income of clarisonic face cleansing target market records an increase with a demonstrated future increase in income for target customers, especially in Asian and US markets. For example, this trend has led to an increased income base of the middle-class Chinese population allowing it to spend on leisure items.

The company’s net sales for this year were up by 12.5% compared to the previous year’s figure. Clarisonic face cleansing company anticipates an estimated increase of about 8% in year 2012 and another of 12%in the year 2013.

This will be achieved through the marketing plan that focuses on and collaborating with other entities that will assist in focusing in on targeted consumers in desired demographic areas. The company plans to inject 5% of its revenue into product promotion trail beginning early next year. This is according to sales effort of the company, which it projects it, will boast the sales by 4%.

The company anticipates spending 6% of the profit on international or foreign market’s research. This will involve the cost of after-sale services that they will offer to potential buyers. Using the historical sales data, the company has recorded a monumental improvement of about 12% and projects to double this increment by 2015. The general profitability has improved considerably to reach 17% compared to the loss of 4% in 2009.

The company projects to increase its sales volumes to about 16million units by 2015. The company forecasts an extended increase in total sales with the introduction of Edge, which shall meet the increasing demand in the foreign markets, especially in the Asian markets.


Positioning statement

The marketing research approach used to analyze and develop the marketing strategy, and tactics were critically assessed and analyzed. A marketing strategy may be defined as “a tactful process that provides an organization with a competitive advantage in the market place”

The basic way to purchase clarisoni products is through its dealers. The dealerships shall be located in accessible and easily recognizable places by customers. To reach loyal customers unaware of its Edge, the products should be placed strategically in order to draw their attention. Approaching the sport entertainment industry will also, work to advantage of the product strategy as many men likes sporting activities.

Execution. Market Tactics

Product Strategy

The production of high-quality face cleansing machine that conforms to the safety demands with the strong brand name in France gives clarisonic an edge of advantage. Clarisonic focuses on bringing the best product that appeal to varied customers in the market.


Target market Age (years) Gender Income Projected sales
US 25-80 Male $ 60000 4000000
ASIAN 25-80 Male 60,000-0.5million yuan 6200000
AFRICA 25-80 Male $40,000-$75, 000 1200000

Price Strategy

Clarisonic intends to adopt a pricing strategy that appeals to the customer in order to remain the price leader in the target markets. In order to achieve this strategy, the company shall utilize its market analysis tools to analyze the pricing situation, select the best pricing models, and determine market-driven price and policies.

Placement Strategy

The best way to purchase products from clarisonic is through its dealers. The dealerships shall be located in accessible and easily recognizable places by customers. To reach loyal customers unaware of its Edge, the products should be placed strategically in order to draw their attention.

Promotion Strategy

Clarisonic rides on its unique ability to offer top quality men cosmetic products that appeals to as many customers as possible. In a bid to make these features known to its customers in the target markets, the company shall implement Edgy promotional strategies through print and electronic media. This promotional model shall inform its customers of the ultimate solution for the current desire for beauty by men.

People Strategy

It is essential to utilize a precise set of staff and the community in order to achieve the marketing P’s. This means that clarisonic will capitalize on employing staff with a wide range of interpersonal skills, and extensive background in doing business in the target markets. The company shall rely on the potentials offered by its exemplary public image through strategic corporate social responsibility.

Process Strategy

Since the company’s products are relatively expensive, they are considered as destination products. To allow its customers to choose the Edge, customers must be given an opportunity to test and experience the quality and incentives of the products. The experiences aim at ensuring that they not only test, but also keep the products.

Implementation and Control


The Clarisonic face cleansing company believes in actualizing its plans in order to experience the results. The company intends to create programs to make affordable cosmetic products and machine for its customers. To ensure retention of its lead brand name, the clarisonic shall implement the best customer service program in all regions.

To appeal to various target customers, the company shall tailor-make face cleansing machine that meets different customer needs across its target markets. Extensive promotional plans shall be put in place to increase its sales and market share while maintaining itself as a leading icon in the cosmetic products and machines industry.


  • Appropriate means to lower production costs through lean production philosophies to allow affordable end prices to customers.
  • To sustain an effective and efficient communication with supply chains through intermediation
  • Maintain secure manufacturing processes in line with consumer safety requirements.
  • Establish good rapport with governments and other organs that promote the business both local and international markets
  • Ensure production of environmental-friendly machines with minimum pollution.

Works Cited

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