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Marketing Campaign: Communication Strategy Report (Assessment)

Marketing communication strategy

Advertising, direct marketing, and social media

It is necessary to use online media that can be critical for reaching people who represent Generation Y (Solomon, 2009, p. 216). In particular, one can rely on video-sharing websites such as YouTube; they enable to include video commercials. These commercials should be incorporated into videos about travel since travellers may be the main users of this application. Additionally, one should cooperate with the corporations that run the leading search engines such as Google. They will enable the company to reach customers who may look for concierge services. In particular, the clients will be able to see the commercials if they use certain keywords which can be related to such areas as concierge services or travel.

Additionally, one should pay close attention to direct marketing. This strategy can be successfully implemented with the help of social media. In particular, this company can create pages on such websites as Facebook and Twitter. In this case, the developers should explain the main benefits that can be offered by this application. Furthermore, they should regularly inform potential clients about the new functions of this application. The main advantage of these online resources is that they enable businesses to communicate straight to the customers who may later spread the news about this product to their friends or relatives (Bailey, 2011). These pages on Facebook and Twitter should include links to the website of the company. This website will be critical for explaining the main benefits of this product in greater detail.

Overall, the selection of these channels is aimed at achieving several objectives. In particular, it is supposed to increase clients’ awareness about this product and its functionality. Furthermore, they are important for showing that this application can substitute conventional concierge services.

Public relations

In this case, the PR strategy should include three categories. At first, one should speak about the messages which are supposed to attract clients’ attention to the product. Secondly, one should speak about the messages that can highlight the main strengths of this product. Finally, it is critical to remember after-purchase communication with customers. In particular, one should answer the questions that can be of great concern to the clients. Many of these issues can be properly addressed by including press releases on the website of this company. It is possible to include a section with the answers of the most widespread questions asked by clients. In particular, they may be concerned about the security of their private data. Moreover, it is vital to inform customers about improved versions of this application.

Sales promotion

Sales promotion campaign should offer incentives to buy this product. In particular, the company should provide a free trial version of this application (Savena, 2009). The clients should be warned that this version will function for a certain period, such as thirty days. The functionality of this product should not be limited because customers should be able to evaluate the main strengths of this product. Additionally, the company should offer discounts to the first twenty clients who buy a complete version of this application.

Intermediaries that will facilitate the marketing of this product

It is critical to rely on the services of an online retailer that market software applications. For instance, it is possible to speak about App Store maintained by Apple. Furthermore, one can mention Google Play which has also become an important online distributor of software. This strategy will be important for attracting a greater number of potential clients. These are the main details that can be distinguished.

Time scale

The marketing campaign will last for approximately 120 days. In particular, it will start on the tenth of May and end on the tenth of September. The following table will summarise the main actions that should be taken.

Date Action
May 10, 2015 At first, it is necessary to present a teaser that will lay stress on the main benefits that this application can bring to the clients. This teaser should be a short video that will be posted on YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook.
May 15, 2015 At this stage, it is important to release commercials that should explain the functionality of the product. These commercials should be conveyed to the clients with the help of various search engines.
June 1, 2015 At this point, the company should launch an integrated marketing campaign. This campaign should include advertising and detailed demonstrations of the functions that this product can perform.
July 10, 2015 Later the company should implement various direct marketing initiatives. In particular, at this stage, this organisation should have its own website that should be readily accessed by clients. It is also critical to address each of the concerns that potential buyers may have. The answers to these questions can be communicated via social networking websites.
August 1, 2015 Finally, one should speak about the test launch of this application. It is critical to involve clients who should be able to offer suggestions regarding the areas that need improvement. This cooperation can be important for eliminating potential drawbacks.
September 10, 2015 Grand launch of this product will be the final stage of this marketing campaign.

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