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The volition of the mind is important in the determination of its attention. In order to capture attention, marketing campaigns apply several strategies. Marketing experts use factors in both the object and the individual to attain this objective. The advertisement for Masafi Alkalife pH9 water utilizes several strategies to capture the attention of the viewer and market the product effectively. It is an effective campaign because it incorporates several concepts that have been discussed in class: stimulus factors and incentive motivation.

Incentive motivation

Incentive motivation refers to the situation in which a person gets a reward after engaging in a certain activity. The advert utilizes this concept effectively because it shows the negative effects of dehydration and the benefits of hydration. On one hand, dehydrated individuals are represented as sluggish, lazy, and unenergetic. On the other hand, hydrated individuals are represented as energetic, lively, charismatic, and happy. This concept is utilized effectively because the advertisement passes the message that drinking Masafi water will increase energy and enthusiasm for work and life. These benefits are available for all individuals: athletes, professionals, and students. The incentive theory is an important theory of motivation that suggests that people engage in certain activities or behaviors because of their desire for incentives or reinforcement. The campaign uses the promise of high energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and happiness as incentives to encourage consumers to drink the water. The individuals in the advertisement enjoy the aforementioned incentives after consuming Masafi Alkalife pH9 water. They have firm handshakes, they are smiling broadly, look confident, and they walk majestically.

Stimulus Factors

The stimulus is one of the factors that determine attention. Stimulus factors attract the attention of people without the influence of individual characteristics. Examples of these include size and intensity, position, format, isolation, color, and movement.


The advertisement is effective because it uses position effectively to capture the attention of the viewer. The video’s opening scene shows a woman sleeping on a bed in a dark room. The alarm clock rings, she wakes up and switches on the bedside lamp. A bottle of Masafi Alkalife water is positioned in such a way that it catches the attention of the viewer (Masafi, 2019). The rest of the room is dark except for the area surrounding the lamp where the bottle is placed. The woman picks up the bottle and this attracts the viewer’s attention even more to the water. The water bottle compels viewers to allocate their limited mental resources toward processing the incoming stimuli of a water bottle labeled “Masafi.” In several scenes within the video, the placement of water bottles attracts the attention of the viewer more than the activity being conducted. For example, in one of the scenes, a student is handed what seems like an examination paper. However, what draws the attention more is a bottle of Masafi water placed on the desk next to the student (Masafi, 2019). The image of the student is slightly blurred to focus more attention on the bottle.


The advertisement’s format works perfectly in making it effective. The video provides a simple and straightforward presentation. Information is presented in two forms: voice and subtitles (Masafi, 2019). The subtitles enhance the comprehensibility of the message. The various scenes in the advertisements move fast and could lower the processing of the message. However, the subtitles explain the essence of the advertisement by offering a fun fact about the rate of dehydration at night and explaining the benefits of drinking Masafi water. Moreover, they make it accessible to a wider audience, including people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. The subtitling of the video’s audio component makes it more effective in capturing attention.

Isolation and Color

In one of the scenes toward the end of the commercial, the concept of isolation is applied. A bottle of Masafi water is zoomed-in against a white background with blurry images (Masafi, 2019). The water’s label is very conspicuous because it is colored and the rest of the surrounding is white. In other instances, the images in the background are blurred in order to draw attention to the water bottle.

Compressed Messages

The scenes in the commercial are fast and cover a variety of situations in which people lose water and perform efficiently after hydration. The speeding up of the message increases the attention of the viewer and makes the advertisement more interesting as numerous activities are covered ranging from work and study to physical exercise (Masafi, 2019). The commercial is a good one because it presents a large volume of information by speeding up the scenes in the video and providing subtitles that present its essence. The advertisement runs for 30 seconds. However, all the information needed to convince consumers to buy Masafi water is presented within that timeframe.


The Masafi Alkalife pH9 water commercial is a good campaign because it applies the concepts of motivation and stimulus factors effectively. The campaign encourages viewers to buy the product because the incentives are highly motivating. People who drink the water are shown as highly energetic, happy, enthusiastic, and lively. The campaign also incorporates several stimulus factors: position, format, isolation, and compressed messages. The campaign is effective because it attracts the attention of the viewer through the incorporation of the aforementioned concepts.


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