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Meeting Personal Ambitions in the Workplace Essay

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Updated: Mar 20th, 2021

Gaffney Case Study

Gaffney is an objective observer. He can identify the problems that are there. He employs the psychological set up that has been set by other scholars. This way, he can use his life experiences to come up with other ways of dealing with the issues at hand. By weighing several modalities such as personal experience, field theory, awareness, and personal interventions, he carefully weighs the options at hand. This compares quite well with the available theories. It helps him to come up with conclusions on his action theories.

He is also a caring advocate. He involves himself with an organization that was offering free legal advice to a group of the vulnerable part of society. He offers his leadership insight and carefully weighs his options and uses theory to support his actions. He, however, succeeds in making the organization a center for people with various problems that need to be handled. He even weighs in the organization’s calculation of the financial impact it has on the families it helps.

His caring ways are also demonstrated when he takes time to study the organization’s needs. This way he can come up with the best ways to deal with the problem. He asks himself many questions which he presents to the board members. He even calls many meetings to make sure this is affected. In his eighth theory, he says that the best way to do things is to engage with people personally. This way, he argues you can influence many people and be in a position to make it a reality (Gaffney, 2004).

His impact is felt far and wide. He changes the company structure and how they do things and this greatly affects how people behave while they are working in the organization. The organization changes positively through his teachings and theories. He says that he greatly employed the gestalt theory to handle the issues at the organization. He says that it works greatly to the benefit of the direct parties. By following the methodology offered by gestalt in an organizational setting, he greatly changes the organizational structure of the organization. Previously he says that by applying such theories as theory X and theory Y, he improves institutional setting and cooperation. He also says that the level of every stakeholder’s satisfaction is greatly improved. When he leaves the consultancy for the same, he is happy that the impact is far and widely felt (Gaffney, 2004).

His Feelings

He spends so much time concentrating on his feelings. This is what makes him want to change how things are done in the organizations. His feelings contribute greatly to how he approaches his advisory work at the organization. He greatly thinks of himself because the theories that he handles need that he weighs everything from a personal perspective.

He can ask other members of staff regarding the impact of the various ways he handles things. This is because of the feelings that he has for them. He puts himself in the shoes of the various employees and wants nothing short of happiness for them. In a similar situation, I think it’s advisable to have a human side that is quite expressively shown by the feelings one has towards certain issues. It helps him to make important decisions and to arrive at sound conclusions.

Most important

Many instances made me sigh and think hard. There also many instances that astounded me. When Gaffney wanted to make a final appearance at an AGM and was denied the chance is the most outstanding for me. The meeting which was to bring together all stakeholders in the organization was also to be attended by several people. However, a condition was set that a committee set up had to approve his attendance at the meeting. Anna, a helping hand, offered to organize a meeting with the director. He was deeply embarrassed by the situation.

The background of the written report was to report his assumed liaison with a member of the staff. If this was true, it would ruin his career. Anna and Birgitta were both frustrated and deeply felt for Gaffney. They were also quite unhappy with the unraveling of the events. Because of the good work that the three were engaging in, Gaffney notes, they were now been pushed to the periphery. It is like forces had developed between them and management because of acts of good work.

This is quite distinctive of how organizations nowadays are breaking from the seams. It is because of the jealousy that has developed between employees. This is especially true when a junior employee is against the forces of seniors: employers and directors. The works of the juniors can be sacrificed by a rogue employee to satisfy his personal needs and to counter the good work of employees. This is so manifest in current organizations.


Gaffney, S. (2004). Gestalt at Work: A Gestalt Organizational and System Dynamics Case Study. Gestalt Review, 8(3): 263-290.

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