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Mexican Public Schools Expository Essay

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Updated: Jun 18th, 2018

The education system in Mexico is facing many challenges and is in urgent need for revision. For instance, classrooms are in bad condition and students have no mastery of content. In line with Holt, parents are not involved in the learning process as well as not engaged in a form of child-assistance procedure at home (72).

Teachers are clumsy, unskilled and incompetent; they make the process even worse. The main cause is that principals of these schools employ relatives or bribe their way into the system. In accordance with Ellingwood, poor performance is characterised by poor and corrupt management (3).

To demonstrate imperfection of the Mexican education system, a group called Mexicanos Primaro (Mexicans first) directed by Juan Carlos Rulto and Carlos Loret filmed a documentary titled “De Penzazo”, a slang for “barely passing”. The documentary was addressed to Mexican citizens and the government. they wanted the government to pay attention to its failing education system. As seen in the film, a girl at a public junior school was worried because of the teaching methods.

As quoted from the film, “I have been reading my guide for high school and there is a lot I do not know, she says” (Ellingwood 4). This clearly illustrates how students seek knowledge on their own barely understanding what they learn. The situation has caused parents sacrifice their hardly earned money and send their children to private graduate schools.

A more worrying fact is the number of hours Mexican students spend in school. According to a documentation “Mexico documentary points up sad state of public schools” by Los Angeles Times,on average, students attend school up to junior high and their average hours spent in school is half of the norm compared to other countries as South Korea. In addition to that, the article also stated that Mexico is among countries ranked high in public spending on education and there is nothing to show for it.

For instance, “De Penzazo” gathered information concerning an evaluation test compiled by, ‘an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’, and Mexico took the last place in Mathematics, Reading and Science among 34 nations.“Half of the Mexican students flunked and more than a quarter barely passed, less than 1% scored “excellent”(Ellingwood 3).

The main contribution factor to poor education system in Mexico is a rapid growth of small public schools. For instance, at one place you can find three to four different junior schools and about four secondary schools and all in close range. These schools have different learning systems.

In addition, there are no playgrounds for co-curricular activities, and no decent modern facilities like laboratories, libraries or cafeteria for students to study and spend some spare time. Instead, the schools provide no condition for students to gain at least something and this happens not because of some missing places but also due to poor quality of education.

The Mexican government should take full control of the education system and invest in this sector rather than target all their effort to anti-drug war. Giving the youth a proper education and teaching them about effects of drug abuse in classrooms is more effective than street-based campaigns.

Mexicans are abusing drugs due to lack of proper education. Education is fundamental for a society and one shall understand that without a proper education, the future of the youth and country itself is at risk. Lack of competent teachers still results in the same effect. Investing in a child’s education is a lifelong investment. Mexican education system can still flourish and bring light to the Mexican people since hope is not completely lost.

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