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Mixed Methods Research Essay

In this article, Lucas Torres (2009) examines the perceptions of Latino adults. In particular, the author focuses on their views on intercultural competencies that are critical for success in the American society. The scholar adopts the mixed method approach to the collection and analysis of data. The first phase of this research includes a qualitative study during which semi-structured interviews were carried out (Torres, 2009, p. 580). The second stage incorporates cultural consensus analysis which is based on the quantitative methodology (Torres, 2009, p. 581). These are the main steps involved in the study.

Overall, the research is premised on the theoretical assumption according to which there is a set of cultural competences or skills that enable a person to integrate into a foreign society (Torres, 2009, p. 577). To some degree, they can be viewed as the pre-requisites for successful adaption. Moreover, they strengthen a personโ€™s resilience to various stressors. In turn, on should examine how these competencies are applicable to Latino population.

At first, the researcher relies on such a method as the semi-structured interview. In particular, the respondents were asked to discuss the main qualities that could important for effective integration in the new community; later, these responses were codified. Moreover, the researcher identifies a list of skills that help Latino immigrants. During the third stage, the scholar carries out the quantitative survey. In particular, the respondents were asked to assess the importance of the skills that had been initially identified. This questionnaire developed by the author involves the use of Likert-scale items (Torres, 2009, p. 581). In this way, the researcher can determine the extent to which the participants agreed in their assessment of different intercultural competencies. These are the main details that can be distinguished.

There are several rationales for using the mixed method approach in this study. At first, it was necessary to explore the views of Latino adults. The researcher intended to examine how they perceived the notion of intercultural competence. Moreover, it was critical to identify a set of skills that they deemed to be important. Overall, qualitative methods could be more beneficial at this stage of this study.

However, at the same time, Lucas Torres wanted to evaluate the perceived importance of these skills. This is why it was critical to use the questionnaire including Likert scale items. This study represents the sequential approach to the use of mixed-method research (Hanson, Creswell, Plano, Petska, & Creswell, 2005, p. 235). This strategy is adopted at the time when it is necessary to elaborate the findings derived with the help of qualitative methods. It should be mentioned that mixed methods are useful at the time when scholars need to test their assumptions based on qualitative data (Sheperis, 2011). Thus, the approach taken by Lucas Torres can be justified.

Overall, the researcher identifies several intercultural competences such as ability to maintain good relations with relatives or friends, the knowledge of the English language, and perseverance. However, at the same time, it is important to retain some of the values imbedded in the culture of Latino population (Torres, 2009, p. 582). So, this study has been very informative. Moreover, the author applies valid methodology in order to derive these findings. Admittedly, this study is not conclusive, but it can be a good starting point for other studies related to intercultural competencies of immigrants. These are the main points that can be distinguished.

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