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Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2020

Neuro linguistic programming (also referred to as NLP) is an approach to psychotherapy based on the connection between the neurological processes and language used to influence an individual’s behavioral patterns. NLP is claimed to be able to help with such issues as phobias, learning disorders, bad habits, and depression among others within just one session.

NLP approach implies that we arrange our thoughts and behaviors based on language, so through the employment of particular linguistic formulas one may influence or program their own behaviors. The concept of filters in NLP stands for the particular perceptions and ideas that are individual for every human being. In order to provide neuro linguistic programming a practitioner is to understand the client’s filters.

Presuppositions are the basic beliefs of NLP. This approach is oriented at the change of behavior which means the client’s idea about their actions needs to be altered. NLP practitioners do no focus on the problems or obstacles but on what the client intends to achieve. The main benefits of NLP presuppositions are positive and active approach towards issues and avoidance of self-victimization. Negative thinking is the root of depression, lack of motivation and success, apathetic feeling and anxieties.

Presuppositions of NLP are focused on changing negative way of thinking and replacing it with positive and optimistic one, the ay of thinking that does not stop facing an obstacle, but starts to search for solutions. Another advantage of NLP presupposition is that they facilitate open-mindedness in the clients, make them curious and encourage them to wonder about the world around. Generally, NLP brings excitement about life and optimism.

Regardless of how wonderful, helpful and effective neuro linguistic programming sounds, it has a number of drawbacks that may limit its efficiency. First of all, in order to NLP approach to work properly a client is so be willing, able and ready to accept the change. This statement appears not to make much sense because if a person comes to an NLP practitioner and wants to attend a session they must be ready for the change. Yet, this is not always the case.

Human minds practice their negative thinking for decades, many of us go to dark places and turn ourselves into our own victims automatically, and most of us have a habit to put the blame on other people or situations instead of taking responsibility. This way, new model of thinking may clash with too many of our habits and change may seem too radical and overwhelming. Another very powerful drawback of NLP is that it targets the processes that occur in the subconscious mind of humans which is extremely hard to control, and since the client is the one to facilitate a change, it requires them to be equipped and skillful when it comes to separating their conscious and subconscious thinking.

One of the main statements of NLP says “The meaning of communication is the response you get”, this means that whatever issues a person is facing, their source should only be looked for within this individual’s behavior, but not anywhere outside. In other words, then the results are not matching out expectations, it means that the communication was not done correctly. Most individuals struggle to accept this way of thinking and this makes them unable to receive NLP therapy.

NLP sounds like a magically efficient tool and a solution to most of the issues contemporary individuals suffer from every day. Yet, it is not as easy as it sounds. NLP requires certain preparation and readings from the clients as it targets their way of thinking which is impossible to alter without the client’s compliance.

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