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Mortgages Offered by the RBC Royal Bank Essay

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Updated: May 5th, 2022

Buyer description

My buyer is a newbie working with Anglo-American Shipping Company. The client is 30 years old and has been working with this company for the past seven years. The buyer has not yet invested in any financial services product and has no knowledge of available financial services provided by investment companies. He has no family. In addition, he has no mortgage from any company. The sale method utilized in the pitch of the product is direct sales, and strategies include preparation and presentation of the verbal pitch in order to close the sale on the first day of presentation.

Sale pitch

Good afternoon Mr. Ashley, I am Mr. Buckley from RBC Royal Bank. I would wish to request part of your time to introduce one of our financial products to you. Before I begin my presentation of the product, I would like to thank you for your warm welcome into your office at this particular time. Thanks. I will start by first informing you about the company before discussing what is best for you. I would like to inform you that if you have any concern or question, please bring it to my attention. I will not take most of your time, and I will try to use the shortest time possible.

As I have mentioned, I am Mr. Buckley, and I work as a salesperson with RBC Royal Bank. RBC Royal Bank is a re-known financial institution in the country for its excellent financial services offered to its vast clientele. At RBC Royal Bank, we value the benefits that our clients get for the services we offer. At RBC Royal Bank, we work to ensure that our clients access different financial services that meet their goals. Furthermore, we ensure that our clients get valuable investment advice on appropriate financial investment decisions that help in shaping his or her future.

Now, allow me to introduce to you one of our personal, financial services offered to our clients. I would like to mention that we have a wide range of financial services from which our clients can choose. Having given me your personal profile earlier on prior to this date, I have prepared a number of products that best suit you. From your profile and to the best of my knowledge, I take pride to inform you that we have five financial investment products that best suit you. Feel free to ask me any question as I go on with this presentation.

RBC Royal Bank offers financial services that are more flexible, and are specifically designed to meet your requirements. We have been offering these financial services for the past twenty-five years. These financial services include mortgages, retirement savings, fixed accounts, credit cards, and so much more. I will be specific to only one financial service that is offered by our company that better suits you at this particular moment. We offer attractive and competitive mortgages that are designed to suit your budget. At this moment, various mortgage categories fit you. As a first time buyer of our mortgage, we offer you a mortgage that will enable you set up a new home for your self or rental apartments. We offer variable and fixed mortgage rates, and you are the one to choose the mode that suits you best.

Product portfolio

Mortgages offered by RBC bank are extremely flexible. These mortgages have been innovated and designed to meet various clients’ financial requirements. At RBC, a wide range of mortgage solutions is offered at competitive rates. The available mortgage categories that you can choose from are Fixed Rate Mortgage, Variable Rate Mortgage, RBC Homeline Plan, Energy Saver Mortgage, self- Employed Mortgage, and Cash Back Mortgage (RBC Royal Bank, 2012).

Fixed Rate Mortgage is paid at fixed interest rate, and it is not affected by fluctuations of market interest rate. You can use this mortgage type when buying a new home or when renewing your existing mortgage. The amount paid per month is used to repay the principal amount plus the interest. This mortgage is the most purchased since one continues paying low rates even if interest rates shoot-up during the repayment period (RBC Royal Bank, 2012).

Variable Interest Mortgage offers the lowest interest rate on a mortgage. Besides that, the interest payments fluctuate with variations in the prime rates of the company. For instance, if the interest rates go down, the interest on mortgage simultaneously drop hence saving you some money. In situations where interest rates go up, monthly rate remains fixed as long as the amount paid is sufficient to pay the interest cost. Furthermore, this mortgage can be converted into another term at any time when the rate would seem not to be attractive any more (RBC Royal Bank, 2012).

RBC Homeline Plan gives you an easy option that enables you to manage your credit needs under one plan. This plan is suitable for individuals who are a homeowner with twenty per cent equity in their homes, or want to buy a home with twenty per cent down payment. This mortgage plan allows you to split your mortgage for either renovating your home into fixed rate mortgage and variable interest rate mortgage. It also considers the purchase for a personal car in the plan (RBC Royal Bank, 2012).

Energy Saver Mortgage is yet another financial service offered by our bank. This service enables an individual minimize expenses related to domestic energy use. Under this mortgage scheme, our clients get up to $300 rebate on home energy. This plan also enables you to increase the efficiency of home energy. The client can then choose either a fixed rate mortgage repayable in a period of three years or a variable interest rate mortgage rate repayable in a five-year period (RBC Royal Bank, 2012).

Cash Back Mortgage enables our clients to access help in closing their costs. This plan enables clients buying new homes to get cash to pay legal fees, moving and closing costs, land conveyance tax, and other costs involved in the purchase of new homes. The amount received by clients depends on the size and terms of the mortgage. It is ideal for the first time homebuyers, and repayment can be on fixed interest rate or variable interest rate arrangements (RBC Royal Bank, 2012).

The last category of mortgage is ideal for business proprietors or self-employed individuals. Self-Employed Mortgage is a scheme that enables a self-employed individual to buy a new home or renovate his or her home with absolute ease than ever before. Self-employed individuals with excellent credit repayment rating can access it. This mortgage comes with competitive rates that enable our clients to meet their goals (RBC Royal Bank, 2012).

The repayment periods of the above mortgage categories are customized and flexible enough to the clients. The rates offered are competitive, and this makes our products the best in the market. The products mortgage category is designed to meet your requirements and ensures that you enjoy the comfort of your new home in the shortest time possible.


RBC Royal Bank. (2012). Mortgages. Web.

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