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Netscape Navigator Essay

Jim Clark and Andreessen collaborated in1994 to form Mosaic Communication Company, which specialized in browser products. Later on, they turned their Mosaic Browser Company into a commercial firm. Later, Andreessen and Clark transformed the Company’s name to Netscape; thus, in December 1994, they released their first Netscape navigator.

Netscape navigator refers to a software application for computers that mainly specializes in making html and web pages. The web browser for Netscape navigator has surfaced into Firefox browser currently sustained by the Mozilla Corporation. Introduction of the Netscape navigator to the public as the foremost commercial “World Wide Web” browser occurred in 1994 (Clark 3).

Netscape navigator is mainly concerned with the building and displaying of web pages. Initially, the navigator was free within the trial period and later on, customers started paying for the program. Afterwards, there was market competition between Microsoft and Netscape, which forced Microsoft to introduce an unrestricted internet explorer version in 1995, and later on in 1998, Netscape reacted to this by making navigator to be a free product (Clark 3).

Netscape navigators had the following unique, rare and hard qualities. First, the navigator had a high-speed browsing capability together with an instantaneous messaging aptitude. Netscape contained features such as the one-click searching originating from the address bar, a Quick Launch, which was important because it reduced the start-up time taken by a browser.

It had a click to search program and it allowed the web users to select any word within the web page and search it. The Netscape navigator had an improved instant messaging, which contained icons for support for friend, friend alerts and a transfer file. It also had a tabbed browsing, which was unique as it allowed the product users to view multiple web pages displayed in a single browser window.

The Netscape navigator possessed some few unique features, which included security fixes such as the Mozilla Firefox. It had a migration icon, which was an add-on and it assisted users while moving to the flock or Firefox. It had a WeatherBug, which is currently unavailable on the new version of the Navigator (Hochmuth 81).

First mover advantage is the benefits that the original Company to enter into the market gains over other Companies that enters later. Mostly, the first mover advantage happens to digital products and its market. This advantage occurs after a company increases its total sales thus being able to minimize the average cost of their products compared to other competitors in the market.

Therefore, this gives the first company priorities to control its prices either by lowering prices to reduce new entrants to the marker or increase prices to raise their total profits. Netscape navigator had the first mover benefits because it was the first web browser company ever in the World. When Microsoft browser entered the browser market, Netscape Communication Company had a lead of over 90%.

However, Netscape Browser Company lost its first mover benefits to a second mover known as Microsoft, which is still common in the current browser market. This was because, Netscape was unable to introduce ANY lock-in because of interface and proprietary functions, which made its products to be, free hence the company losing all price advantage (Boulding & Christen 20).

However, Microsoft Browser Company acquired the second mover advantage because it could give products for a long period, which enabled it to gain more market share. In addition, Microsoft achieved the second mover advantage because it had the most technologically superior internet explorer compared to the one offered by the Netscape navigator. Finally, the success of Microsoft Browsing Company was attributable to the capacity of the company to convince many PC Companies to apply their services (Boulding & Christen 21).

Apple ipad

Apple I pad is a product of Apple Inc, which is an American corporation that specializes in designing and forming computer hardware, software together with other electronics. The late Steve Jobs founded this company; thus, enabling it to boost 284 retails within 10 countries. Its headquarters is in Cupertino, California. “Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronal Wayne” introduced this Company in 1976 and they specialized in selling Apple 1 private computer kit (Smythe 3).

The Apple Inc. Company introduced the Apple ipad in the last two decades making it to be among the most important technology ever in the World. The Apple ipad specialized in web browsing, it enabled one to read his/her email, it enables one to view photos and pictures. In addition, the devices allows an individual to listen to music, open and read e-books and play online games making it possible to play more tasks compared to laptops and smartphones (Smythe 3).

Introduction of Apple ipad came with some features that were unique, rare and hard. This device had a dual-core A5 processor, which was among the central updates of the ipad. This enabled the Apple ipad to have a strong processing power compared to its predecessor meaning it could perform much better on its applications. The Apple ipad applications were also among the rare things that the device contained. Apple ipad contained more than 65 applications stored in the application store.

These applications were important because they helped in increasing the general functions of the device. The device was in a 3G on AT&T and Verizon, which enabled users to connect to both AT&T’s network and the Verizon 3G. On contrary, the first ipad, this only allowed users to use one network (Smythe 5). The Apple ipad has iOS 4.3 that enables the ipad to contain many interesting features, such as full browsing together with the 3D capability. The Apple ipad has a unique design, where by it is small and beautiful.

It is 9.7-inch, weighs 1.5 pounds and is o.55 thick having a screen with a single icon displaying home page, which contains different viewing angles. Apple ipad it contains rare features, for example, unlike the notebook, ipad has no USB port, slot for inserting memory card and videos. The main reason why Apple omitted these applications is to make the device simple and streamlined but inclusion of these devices can be through optional accessories (Smythe 5).

The new Apple ipad is officially out to the market. Though it is the first table game on the market, it will face competition from other companies very soon (O’Guinn, Allen & Semenik 281). This has enabled Apple ipad to have the first move advantage even though there are already set date for other competitors to the device.

Currently, Apple ipad still sustains the first mover benefits because there are no other tablet contenders on the market. However, Microsoft is planning to introduce Window 8 operating system, which has high chances of posing great competition to Apple ipad. In addition, Dell Company is working on introducing slates, which will be 5-inch hence being a great competitor to Apple ipad.

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