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Neurotic Behaviors Case Essay

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Updated: Feb 20th, 2021

Samara demonstrates a neurotic trend

Samara demonstrates a neurotic trend of moving towards people. This is because after she breaks up with Tom, she turns to her friends for advice on solving her relationship puzzle. Samara demonstrates the need for affection and approval in that she expresses a constant desire to please her boyfriends by being extremely submissive. For example, she let Paul decide on all the aspects of their dates. By this act, she hoped that the boyfriend would approve of her submissiveness and love her more.

In all her relationships, Samara manifests the neurotic need for a mate who will control her life. People with this trait tend to be frustrated when their current relationship ends. In every relationship she enters, she expresses the enthusiasm to be controlled. She wants Paul to decide everything on their date, for example. She comes out as someone who is too submissive.

The subject expresses a neurotic craving for restricting their life in narrow boundaries. People who express this trait are usually content with little they are left with after sacrificing most of their happiness for the mates they obsessively desire to please. In so doing, they subordinate their needs and compromise their interest to please their partners. When Paul asked her what she desired to do, she answered, “whatever you want.”

Samara’s neurotic behavior is caused by modern culture competitiveness as opposed to rational culture. In the context of the Middle East culture, the primary role of a woman is to be a wife and bear children. Her self-imposed competition for the attention of her boyfriends with other women places her interest at risk and leads her to develop these neurotic needs.

In case, the social-psychological theory comes out clearly. It is generally characterized by a social phenomenon, love. There are also different theories that have been advanced in love. These theories create discordance regarding the mainstream perception of love. Pro-social behavior is another social phenomenon that bases on social influence. They manifest through a person indicating obedience and the way they lead an activity when they have power. In this case, Samara considers love, in a way, advanced theories on love underpins to explain liking, love, and emotional attachment. A social psychologist explains attachment as the need to be cared for and be with another person. Other major components of the attachment are approval and physical contact.

Shimin: display various Horney’s neurotic needs

By adopting a coping strategy of aggression, he resorted to handling his negative perception of his student lack of enthusiasm by comparing with his. He always compared the behaviors of his students towards education with his when he was a student.

The subject assumed a withdrawal strategy characterized by a moving-away-from or resigning solution. After the act of aggression had failed to rectify the indifference between him and his student, he decided to abandon the career of teaching. He also avoided other students by avoiding them.

Shimin displays various of Horney’s neurotic needs. The neurotic need manifest by his desire to exercise power. His preference for a rental house over hostels reflects his desire to minimize interaction with students and staff, which is a characteristic of Horney’s neurotic needs. Another evidence of neurotic need includes his inherent tendency to remain dormant in class and his expression of self-sufficiency and independence, which is misconceived.

His case expresses best the concepts of personality theory. It involves an observation of the patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that differentiates a person from ordinary people. This indicates extreme predetermined self-reliance and independence, which he presumes earns him respect from students. This neurotic need may also indicate a tendency of people expressing extreme pride that may lead to their failure to control their ego. For instance, the case of Adolf Hitler during World War II best illustrates this situation. According to Freud’s work and research, the mind can be divided into two main parts.

First, the conscious mind, which entails everything of which a person may be aware of. This component of mental processing facilitates dialogue and clear thinking concurrently, a segment of which comprise the ability to recall. This ability is not often a constituent of consciousness as it involves retrieval of an event or item into the consciousness.

Conversely, the unconscious mind acts as a reservoir of memories, drives, and thoughts outside the conscious of people. Many constituents of the unconscious mind are intolerable or repulsive, including feelings of dispute, anxiety, or pain. Most of the components of these brain parts continue to affect people; although, they do not know the drives. For instance, a person may call their girlfriend or boyfriend by the name of their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Such factors may lead people to develop basic anxiety leading to the emergence of neurotic needs, according to Horney’s psychoanalytic social theory. It is this neurotic need that a clinician may observe that supports personality theory. This affects most academicians as they assume that they should give less consideration to social life because of their work demands.

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