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Nevada Week in Review Essay

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Updated: Feb 13th, 2020

Nevada Weekly Review is a weekly television program that reviews political and economic issues in the Nevada state and wider USA. In the program televised on 7 October 2011, there were four panelists discussing four issues, viz. GOP Caucus Chaos, Redistricting Uncertainty, Heller Keller Battle, Reid Takes Charge and Brain & Jeb.

Panelists analyzing these issues were Laura Myers from the Las Vegas Review Journal, a reporter Christina Silva from Associated Press; Glenn Cook from Las Vegas Review Journal and Jon Ralston, a political commentator. They were hosted by the program anchor, Mitch Fox.

On the issue of GOP Caucus Chaos that was proposed to be held in January 14 2012 by Bob Romney in Nevada, there was uncertainty of what other states would decide on. This was seen as a manipulation that Romney was manipulating the dates for personal strategic gain.

Issues raised in opposition for this early date were historical poor organization in Republican Party though they hired a professional organizer. Those that were for a later late in February were to keep delegates and thus, Nevada should have held third after others since doing so could diminish influential chances for New Hampshire.

The issue of competition between Perry and Romney for Nevada primaries was also discussed. According to the Nevada Republican Party, the date was for the best interests of the state in pushing the agenda of taking on the incumbent President Obama.

However, Khan interprets provisions of the national party committees that only New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada are allowed to hold caucus before March 6.

On the issue of redistricting, the Nevada High Court had issued an order barring Ross Miller’s petition to stop the mapping or redistricting plans by the selected team (Nevada News Bureau). Miller’s main decision to engage the Supreme Court was that the judge at High Court did not address “critical legal issues” (CBS Las Vegas News).

The petitioner’s claims were if the team was to include the Hispanic majority district. The issue is to be decided upon by the Supreme Court on November.

Related to this issue is whether majority Hispanics in the district should have a new congressional seat or not. Political commentator notes that the constitution says maps are to be redrawn after the census although it was not done in 2001(NationalAtlas.gov).

The fundraising issue for their primaries by Berkley and Heller in which the former raised more money than Heller was also raised. The sources were questioned but the need by Berkeley for the money was also outlined in the discussion.

Dean Berkley is said to have sided with China over Nevada’s unemployed. Berkley astoundingly removed a memo that posited intimated political supremacy.

Heller was seen as supporting currency manipulation by China that caused Nevada 14800 jobs (Nevada Rural Democratic Caucus). Berkley scored card that Heller represented Chinese interests and not Nevada residents (Demijian).

About Reid’s motion to raise millionaires’ tax by 5%, the discussants agreed that it might raise political questions. Silva noted that Democrats would use the motion to label republicans as not interested in middle class and the low income in the country.

By taxing the millionaires, $455 billion would be raised to spur the faltering economy (Tetrenault). Besides, the bill would decrease national deficit by $6 billion between 2012 – 2021 (International Business Times).

The Bill was supported by Obama saw the bill as enough to meet administration expenses, and with their majority in the Chamber, they were poised for win (Faler).

The tax that is currently as 35% means that it would be pushed to 40% and there is no certainty of its effect on the economy (USA Today). According to The Economist, piling tax on the shoulders has failed from historical studies on economic performance.

There were political connotations in most of events that were covered in the discussion. Politics affects lives of people and it is wiser if economy issues could be left for the experts who then would advise the state on steps that should be taken.

Whether it is bills or elections, politics affect everyone’s quality of lives but they also promote inclusiveness and fairness in cases where they are deserved, as with the boundary review case.

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