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Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Research Paper

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Updated: May 4th, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Using NSAIDs?

Human health is considered to be one of the most valuable things for the government and this is why the enormous sums of money are appropriated for research programs aimed at developing new drugs that would be cheaper, safer to use, and more effective. Drug development is a complicated process that involves proving that the drug is safe for human consumption, its effectiveness is much more significant than its side-effects and its present form is the best for delivering its active materials to the organ that needs treatment. The effectiveness of medicinal drugs is one of the key factors that define the result of the treatment.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs belong to the group of drugs that have pain alleviating and anti febrile effect. If they are taken in comparatively high doses, they can also provide an anti-inflammatory effect. NSAIDs are regarded as one of the most efficient types of drugs and in many countries, people are not allowed to buy them if they do not have a doctor’s prescription. Anyway, there are certain nonprescription NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Being so effective, they also possess a range of possible side-effects, and using them without specialized medical consultation may sometimes lead to additional health issues. The group of NSAIDs comprises different medicinal drugs that oppress the activity of the cyclooxygenase. The latter is a ferment taking part in the synthesis of inflammatory markers that are substances causing the sharp rise of body temperature and the presence of pain syndrome.

There are three types of cyclooxygenase that possess various properties and in order to block the activity of each type, scientists developed three types of NSAIDs. All of them are to be used under close medical supervision because there can be individual side-effects as renal insufficiency or drug-induced hepatitis. Nevertheless, NSAIDs can be used during the treatment of many health issues as they have various positive effects. They are recommended to be used in the treatment of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, post-surgical pain syndrome, headache, renal colic, fever, and even dysmenorrhea.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be distinguished from steroids. These groups have many things in common as they both have strong anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing action. They are called nonsteroidal because there is a need to draw a line between NSAIDs and glucocorticoids that also prevent inflammation but have a lot of common properties with steroids. Some of these properties are really dangerous for our bodies.

As for NSAIDs, they definitely do less harm to our health and this is why they remain more preferable during the treatment than steroids. Even if we take into consideration the variety of possible side-effects caused by medical malpractice with the use of NSAIDs, it would not affect its numerous health benefits. The use of NSAIDs is one of the best ways to struggle inflammation on a certain part of the body and the pain syndrome that may manifest itself in the pain of different types such as acute, poignant, and chronic. The ability to alleviate even excruciating pain is believed to be one of the most important properties of this type of medical drugs. NSAIDs consist of the active component that is responsible for pain-alleviating and fever-reducing effects, and there are also additional components that enhance its effect and make the drug act faster.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are able to offer significant relief from pain and this is why they remain one of the most used groups of drugs. What is more, they also have a certain anti-cancer effect that allows them to use them to alleviate cancer pain (Valle at al., 2012, p. 4673). The additional benefit is that they are allowed to be used not only by adult people; the treatment with the use of NSAIDs is also possible for children.

In case if they are ingested these drugs in an appropriate dose for their age and weight, there will not be any problems. Another significant advantage of NSAIDs is that they are able to provide a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It generally refers to NSAIDs that contain ibuprofen. As for the latter, it is also possible to be used by both adult people and children but the right dose should be measured out thoroughly. NSAIDs are good for inflammation management as they are able to prevent inflammation in any part of the body including joints and it makes them useful for the individuals suffering from arthritis (Lee, 2013, p.1).

What is more, they are easily accessible from the chemist’s shops and one can always buy NSAIDs that are sold without a prescription to alleviate the pain and prevent the inflammatory process. More than that, they tend to be comparatively cheap and their price combined with their effectiveness make NSAIDs to be perfect medical drugs for urgent treatment.


To conclude, NSAIDs are able to produce various positive effects on human health; they prevent and reduce inflammation in any part of the body. They are able to bring significant pain alleviation even to people ill with cancer and they can be used by people of all ages on condition that the dosage is right.


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