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Oral Messaging and Interpersonal Skills Report (Assessment)



This experiment aims to help me understand the range of techniques required to develop interpersonal skills and use them in the process of building my communication skills. These are necessary for effective interaction leading to excellence. It is also for the reasons for improving my ability to convince and influence others. Interpersonal skills are those skills necessary when relating to others verbally and non-verbally. It involves practical ways in which you can communicate with other people you come into contact with at any place including the workplace; these people may be supervisors, colleagues, subordinates, vendors, and customers. I look forward to attaining 50% on body language, 35% on the tone of voice, and 5% on word communication (De Janasz et al, 2006).


I have settled to work on how to convey verbal messages and use them effectively and objectively in communication. This is because quite often I have realized that even though I do communicate there are a lot of communication gaps that do occur, this eventually creates some potential problems that make people have a lot of difficulty in understanding my messages. I will pick some of the communication strengths that I have and try to reflect on how to develop them; I will choose a role model who will always make me accountable. I will always try to speak before a class or any crowd of people, attend seminars, try to deeply understand those with problems, and get involved in conflict resolution committees. This will help me understand how to explain myself clearly and honestly at the same time ensure that I communicate always giving me a chance to assess my progress. Close observation of how managers interact with their employees will help me assess their interpersonal skills (De Janasz et al, 2006).

Pre and Post Test measures

To assess my progress, I will record every activity I involve myself within every week, the steps and precautions taken, and how it has contributed towards my goal. My role model will help me ascertain what percentage I have improved in terms of body language, tone of voice, and the words I speak. This will probably be done in the last week.

Action Steps

To measure these action steps, I will have to be practically involved in most of the instances. I will have to thoroughly research the theories that govern excellent interpersonal skills. This will help me attain my objective of reaching at least 50% body language, 35% tone of voice, and 5% communication through words.

Step Week Key concept Associated Action Step Expected Outcome Actual Outcome
1 1 To focus and identify all the areas necessary for improving my communication skills.
2 1 I will research books that talk about Interpersonal skills. Also will try to identify those with good interpersonal skills (De Janasz et al, 2006; Jennings, 2009) To have diversified knowledge of the theories that govern communication. Able to recognize the theories and the people possessing excellent interpersonal skills
3 2 Focus on the speakers and what they say. Focus specifically on listening skills Attend conferences and any forum that involves presentations and interact with different people. Have always attended forums and listened to people but have never been so keen on words and body language
4 2 Practice listening skills; listen to the news broadcast How much can I remember afterward? I do listen to news broadcast but found out that rarely do I discuss the outcome with others
5 3 Take part in a role-playing scenario where good listening skills and language use are thoroughly checked. Ability to verbalize what I hear my colleague say Often I failed to get the message of my colleagues. I tend to lose concentration so fast. But this time round recorded an improvement
6 4 Spend time with people I don’t regularly spend informal time with. To find out what percentage enjoy their job and their specific areas of interest. Targeted 10% of the people Able to interact freely with them due to the right choice of language for every personality.
7 4 To walk around the market place. Informally talk with the salespeople and vendors. Trying to understand what their key concerns and issues are. This assisted me in the area of shaping up my communication to suit a specific audience. Improved in the level of interaction
8 5 How to choose and approach interactions with different people in certain ways. To identify someone who is influential and is effective when it comes to relating with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Watch the actions and behaviors, listen to how he talks and what he says, and how others react towards him The presenter must always be interesting and objective with the message. The message must be organized, framed, and shaped appropriately
9 5 To identify issues to be addressed to remain relevant and interesting to the audience. Talk before college students and answer their questions (Caproni, 2010) Their bad and good experiences, interests, and concerns Improvement in my ability to listen and body language by 52%. Tone expression to vary with the mood portrayed also improved.
10 6 Assessment on what percentage level is attained in each field practiced To have increased my body language to 50%, tone of voice to 35%, and word communication 5% (Duffy et al. , 2004) Body language improved to 52% quite amazing. Tonal voice 30% and word communication 5%. This is just more than expected.


Caproni, P. (2010). Interpersonal management skills. Management and Organizations, 56. Rose School of Business, University of Michigan.

De Janasz, S.C., Wood, G.J., Gottschalk, L., Dowd, K., and Schneider, B. (2006). Interpersonal Skills in Organizations. Sydney, N.S.W.: McGraw-Hill.

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Jennings, R. O. (2009). Building blocks for interpersonal skills Training. The Jennings group Columbia, NJ.

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