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Paul Quinn College Research Paper

Classification of Paul Quinn College

Paul Quinn College is a privately run, four-year, faith-based liberal arts college (Paul Quinn College n.p.).

College Affiliate

Paul Quinn College is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church (Paul Quinn College n.p.).

Year of College Foundation

College was founded in Austin, Texas, on April 4, 1872 (Paul Quinn College n.p.).


This college was founded as Historically Black College, but now people of all races, sex, ethical identity, sexual orientation, etc. are accepted. The college was founded with the purpose to teach freed slaves and their children. Different kinds of workmanship were the main directions of college education. The college increased its specialization when Bishop William Paul Quinn run it. First of all, the land of the college property expanded. Second, the number of taught subjects increased as well. It should be mentioned that being called a Historically Black College, it changed its name to Paul Quinn College as the gratitude for the contribution of Bishop Quinn. $100,000 were raised for a new women’s dormitory in 1954. 1962 was a year of considerable changes, the official act was adopted. The main idea of that act was to allow electing trustees with referring neither to race nor to creed (Paul Quinn College n.p.).

Nowadays, the college pursues a purpose to give students top quality faith-based education. The college addresses academic students’ development trying to cultivate in them the basics of social and Christian norms.


African Methodist Episcopal Church is considered to be a founder of the college (Paul Quinn College n.p.).

Present and Past Presidents

During the whole history of college existence, there were many presidents who contributed to educational establishment development. Some of them were elected for several times. It should be noted that each of the presidents was a notable person in the life of the whole college.

Here is a list of the presidents who took part in college development during different years, Bishop Brown (1872-1876), Bishop Cain (1876-1880), Keiling (1880-1883), Burgan (1883-1891 and 1911-1914), Banks (1891-1892 and 1926-1928), Laws (1904-1908), Butler (1908-1911), J. K. Williams (1914-1924), J. F. Williams (1924-1926), Dean Mohr (1928-1932), Jackson (1932-1939), Yancy II (1939-1942), Davis (1942-1943), Singleton (1943-1946), Aycock (1946-1951), Green, Jr. (1951-1953), Veal (1953-1956), Adams (1956-1962), McCloney (1962-1969 and 1981-1982), Rutland (1969-1976), Manning (1976-1978), Watley (1979-1981), Handy (1982-1984), Morgan (1984-1992), Powers (1992), Monroe (1992-2001), Fennell (2002-2005), Waddell (2006-2007). Sorrell entered upon his duties in 2007 and he continues to perform them up to present time (Paul Quinn College n.p.).

Present Enrollment

Considering modern affiliations of Paul Quinn College, it should be stated that apart from African Methodist Episcopal Church it is an affiliation of Educational Testing Services and College Board.

As it has already been mentioned, Paul Quinn College enrolls all students who want and who meet the following criteria, the possessions of the diploma of a high school with no less average grade point 2.5, satisfactory ACT or SAT scores are obligatory as well. One recommendation letter and a What College Means To Me essay in combination with burning desire to achieve success are the final obligatory requirements for entering this college.

The Role of Women in Past or Present Administrations

The role of women in present college administration is higher than it was in the past. Having considered the names of the college presidents, the tendency may be noticed that only men were allowed to this position. However, present administration includes several women. Thus, it is possible to state that the role of women in administration is high.

Performing their responsibilities, these women show that there is no prejudiced attitude in the relation to the sex of those who want to enter this educational establishment and apply on some specific positions during their college life and maybe even after college graduation.

It should be remembered that women were not perceived seriously in the past. Being founded in 1872 Paul Quinn College pursued the same ideas as other colleges in the relation to females. However, both men and women were allowed for entering this college (Pinkney 36).

Noted Graduates of the Paul Quinn College

There are several graduates which can be enumerated in this part, such as Dick Campbell, Christopher Saunders, Mims Hackett, Taurian Fontenette and Hiawatha Williams. There are even more of them, however, these can be considered as people who became known all over the USA. Dick Campbell was a famous person in the world of theater.

His contribution is considered as the attempt to develop black theater during the period of Harlem Renaissance (Wilson 208). Christopher Saunders is notable for being a sport broadcaster for the national radio (“Q&A With Paul Quinn Alumnus” n.p.). Mims Hackett, an American Democratic Party politician, is one more notable person who has graduated from Paul Quinn College.

However, looking at the latest information which has appeared in press, there is nothing notable in this person. He was accused for corruption and arrested in 2007 (McFadden and Chen 2). Taurian Fontenette is included in a list of Top 25 Dunkers on the Planet (Burton 1).

Campus Buildings, Organizations, or Events that Make Reference to Slavery, African Americans in History and African Americans in the United States

Being created as the educational establishment for freed slaves, this education establishment will always have an imprint of its past. Dallas is a historic campus of Paul Quinn college which reminds about the main idea of college creation (Paul Quinn College n.p.).

Even though the college area expended and more new buildings have been created, the memory of all the students who attend it and who have graduated from it will be returned to those times when freed slaves were not allowed to study at one and the same educational establishment with white population of the USA (Pinkney 97).

There are three buildings in the college, the John Hurst Adams Administrative Building gathers offices and classrooms. Joseph J. Rhoads Education Building and White Science and Mathematics Building are two facilities where students’ classrooms are located. This occurred in about 1960’s. Much attention to campus distribution was paid by Bishop Quinn in 1880’s and the Waco Chamber of Commerce in 1950’s (Paul Quinn College n.p.).

Thus, it may be concluded that Paul Quinn College has a long and varied history. Having come the way from an educational establishment for freed slaves to the contemporary college which teaches students Christianity and gives them knowledge is many specific disciplines, it has managed to graduate many notable people.

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