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Savannah technical college Essay

Savannah technical college is an American private institution that focuses on advancements of persons, employers and social groups in the areas of education, economic, labor through training based on market needs.

The savannah technical college is run through financial aid provided by savannah technical foundation in addition to about one-third support from Georgia government. The institute provides certificate, diploma and degree programs in there various institutions, through correspondence and distance learning. Based on market needs the institute mostly concentrates in the disciplines of economic, health and industrial technology that stimulates economic growth.

The management of savannah technical institute works closely with all stake holders for finances and to come up with programs that meet the demand of the fast growing economy. Through constant consultation between the management of savannah technical college and partners, a very strong team has been formed that helps to run the institution in an effective and efficient manner.

With modern facilities and equipments, the institute is able to come up with more accurate research work, which is able to meet the challenges of economic developments, as well as providing the student with job opportunities. From these efforts the savannah technical college has been able to be the leading labor development centre in the state of Georgia.

The institute makes follow up of former students in their places of employments to find out if the training offered is being utilized for economic advancement, this includes warranty to employers on the graduates. If the employer finds the employees performance wanting and notifies the savannah technical college management within two years upon graduation they recalls the student for a free retraining.

This noble action has instilled confidence to the employers, who prefer graduates from this institute as well as making partners feel obliged to offer more support towards providing this highly skilled work force with ability to drive fast the economy.

The department of office institution effectiveness evaluates quality of services and performance as well as offering long term planning strategies. The institute’s faculty senate comes up with advice and presents its proposal to the president for assent part of which becomes the training guide principle. Some of the suggestions entails administration, recruiting, students welfare and education curriculum.

Savannah technical institute put student’s service first with the aim of ensuring their students excel in academics and in the job market. The department of student’s affair centre deals with entrance of new students, financial support and finding job for its students.

To ensure high level of discipline and conduct is maintained among student the institute provides strict regulations that prohibits students from possessing weapon of any kind, from carrying alcohol or consuming alcohol and cigarettes within the institute encumbrances. In any case, where the student is found to violate this rule the funding agency should be furnished with this report on time and a punishment is given, which includes summary dismissal from the college.

The management ensures all students are conversant with the college attendance and punctuality regulations, whereby the student must commit him/herself before registration. This is important because the students get enough time to train and get the necessary academic requirements to go to the next level .Savannah technical college runs an e-learning program, which mostly helps to reach their former students for refreshing courses, and new technologies, which make then more competent in their fields of work.

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