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Photojournalist: Mark M. Hancock Descriptive Essay

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In addition to being a photojournalist, Mark Hancock is an editor at the Squadron/ Signal publications. Mr Hancock has engaged in freelance journalism for a period of 15 years beginning 1995. His presence is evident in numerous magazines and newspapers across the world especially in the editorial sections. Hancock’s career background indicates that he has worked in Dallas for a period of four years for a media industry as a photojournalist.

Mark M. Hancock was born in June of 1965 in Vina Del Mar, Chile. He grew up in Texas while his father served in the army. He once served as an infantry sergeant in the OPFOR of the U.S. Army.

This was between 1984 and 1988. He attained numerous military awards like Expert Infantry badge, Army achievement medal, and NCOPD ribbon among others. After the military Mr. Hancock attended college at Richland in 1993 and attained a degree in associates of arts and sciences with high honours. In 1995 he received another bachelor’s degree with distinction from East Texas State University in photojournalism (Hancock, Mark 1).

In the course of his career, Mark has received many awards in photojournalism. He has also won several honours from different organizations like the National press photographers association, Atlanta photojournalism seminar among others. His artwork has been shown in several exhibitions like the art of digital photography show and the Governor’s exhibition.

In addition to all his achievements Mark has also acted as a judge on many contests on professional photojournalism. He is also a major contributor of a book published by the Beaumont enterprise on a visual demonstration of the damages caused by hurricane Rita. The book is called Rita Captured and it won a Katie award.

Hancock has also started venturing into new grounds. For example, since 2007 he has started producing news and music especially for the web. Mr. Hancock is married to Fayrouz; they do not have any children currently. They live in Plano, Texas. He met her online while he lived in DFW. She lived in Sydney at the time (Society of Newspaper Design 4).

Description of a Photograph of Elliott Dollar

This is a photograph of Elliott Dollar a surf boarder, doing a manoeuvre at a competition (the fifth annual SETX mid summer classic wakeboard competition) in Rose City. The photograph was taken in the day time. In the background of the photograph is the lovely scenery of green vegetation and a blue sky. In the top left corner is where Elliott‘s photograph is. It is clear and captures his manoeuvre perfectly. The bottom of the picture captures the calm and lovely waters (Hancock, Mark 1).

Elliott is manoeuvring while holding on to the motor boat with one hand. The other hand is not busy. He is wearing what appears to be a white short furthermore his board is also white. It appears that Elliott is enjoying himself and is comfortable while surfing. I suppose that Mark did not have the intention of featuring any spectators or crowds in this picture because there are none in the picture.

He does not capture the picture or image of the motor boat pulling Elliott behind. It must be because the photographer wanted to capture the picture of Elliott alone. In my opinion it is a wonderful picture and that is why I chose it. It is very pleasing to the eye and I well lighted thus visibility. It is also clear and I agree with the photographer’s idea of capturing the scenery on the background as it is beautiful. I also chose this picture because surf boarding is an interesting sport.

It is evident that Hancock is a renowned photojournalist who not only contributes to the status of journalism but also art. The photograph of Elliott Dollar is an indication of his mastery of photojournalism. His life history contributes to his current status standards as evident in his education in the field of arts (Hancock, Mark 1).

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