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PICOT Assignment Analysis Essay

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Updated: Apr 13th, 2022


In essence, nursing has been confronted by various challenges in regard to its profession, ethics and technical skills. As a result, these challenges must be identified in order to facilitate research that can help in finding solutions (Barnsteiner, 2011). The process of identifying those problems and subsequent research process are crucial undertakings when it comes to developing new ways of diagnosis and maintaining ethics. For example, the issue of staffing ratio has become a major problem to the success of the nurses in their quest to provide care to patients (Hirsch & Schumacher, 2012).

It is evident that the number of nurses available is incapable of serving the increasing population and the emerging healthcare issues (Barton, 2009). This condition implies that a research study should be conducted to find a lasting solution although it does come from the nurses. Accordingly, this paper seeks to identify a current issue within the nursing profession, propose a possible solution, and enlist some of the previous articles that can be used in the research.


Step 1: Identify the Problem

Safety has posed a main problem to the nursing profession in relation to various aspects of performance. In this regard, it is not assured anymore due to the arising constraints that confront the nurses in their attempt to protect the patients and their bodies too. This condition implies that the safety of both the patient and the practitioner is vulnerable. There are several reasons as to why this aspect has deteriorated as compared to the previous years of practice. First, it has been established that there are insufficient professionals in this field to serve the patients (Mcnamara, 2012).

Due to the reduced number of practitioners, the hospitals are overloading the available nurses such that their proficiency is compromised. When the efficiency is not assured, the patients become vulnerable of poor service that can interfere with their health. In addition, the overloading leads to reduced proficiency when handling clinical tools. This situation can result to subsequent infections caused by the poor handling of sharp objects.

Second, the modern world is being confronted by emerging infections on daily basis. As a result, the field has become very uncertain in regard to the type of diseases that might arise (Potter, 2013). The nurses thus become vulnerable to contracting diseases in their attempt to diagnose patients. This vulnerability is based on the premises that the defined protection methods for the existing diseases can be insufficient for an emerging disease. For example, if a nurse was handling a disease contracted through fluids, an emerging airborne disease can affect him.

Third, the world of technology is developing rapidly and specialists are designing new tools to increase their efficiency. Since the nurses are not updated about the use of these devices on real time, it becomes difficult to assure their safety and the welfare of the patient (Worthington, 2001). If a nurse is incapable of using a device on the patient, it can lead to wrong assessment and diagnosis. In addition, they can contract disease due to the mentioned mishandling of the device.

Step 2: Identify a potential solution

According to the reasons that lead to lack of safety, it is evident that the nursing profession needs to incorporate a comprehensive safety program. Importantly, this program will focus on equipping the nurses with the skills to handle new technological devices. Additionally, the program should include a section of updating the nurses about new ways of protection to ensure that they are not exposed to new diseases.

Basically, the program should aim at providing total protection so that the nurses are least exposed to diseases regardless of the disease nature. Lastly, the issue of insufficient staffing can be reduced by motivating more high school student to take the profession at institutions of higher learning. One of the conspicuous reasons for insufficient staff is the lack of motivation among the student to take the course. As a result, the existing professionals should develop a program that aims at inspiring potential nurses in the lower levels of learning.

Step 3: Create your research question

Research Question: Amidst the rising uncertainty and unsafe nursing, would the conception of safety and motivational program help to increase efficiency to eliminate vulnerability?

Step 4: Select the key PICOT terms for searching the evidence.

Research Question:
Focus of the question: Amidst the rising uncertainty and unsafe nursing, would the conception of safety and motivational program help to increase efficiency to eliminate vulnerability?
PICO(T) Elements
P = Patients(s) or problem The cases of unsafe practices among nurses are increasing due to overworking, emerging diseases, and growing technology.
I = Intervention under Consideration
  • Safety program
  • Motivational program to build on staff
C = Comparison Presence of both safety and motivational programs or operating without them.
O = Outcome
  • Increase protection against both the existing and emerging diseases.
  • Increased staff to ensure efficiency.
T = Time One semester.

Search Techniques: Please

Three Database(s) to Address the Research Question

Evidence Based Nursing (EBN) – This database will be crucial since this research is focusing on finding credible evident on the topic and problem chosen.

Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC) – This database will help to ensure that the materials are credible and reliable during the research.

CINAHL Database- This has vast research papers on nursing.

How can you focus or expand the search if initial search results are not satisfactory?

The selection of the research materials will be filtered using two critical aspects that include peer reviewed journals and the topic discusses (safety).

Ways to Refine Search

First, the journal will be sorted on the basis of topic and then focus on the peer reviewed ones. This will ensure that the journals have the required information that addresses the pertinent issues.

Literature Review Worksheet

Purpose: To find evidence that supports an intervention which can change the outcomes of the proposed research study?


Search Question:

APA Reference for Article Peer Reviewed Brief Description of Research Type of Research Study Outcomes/ Recommendations
1 Barnsteiner, J. (2011). Teaching the Culture of Safety. The Online Journal on Issues in Nursing, 16(3), 5. Yes It addresses how the nurses should be aware of the safety problems in the system in order to avoid vulnerabilities Qualitative Culture of safety has not been incorporated in the nursing profession.
2 Barton, A. (2009). Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses. AORN Journal, 90(4), 601-602. Yes Reveals some of the techniques that can be used to ensure safety during service Qualitative The use of protective tools is a conspicuous finding.
3 Hirsch, B. T., & Schumacher, E. J. (2012). Underpaid or Overpaid? Wage Analysis for Nurses Using Job and Worker Attributes. Southern Economic Journal, 78(4), 1096-1119. Yes Nurses’ salaries Mixed Research When considering the level of technology and workload, most nurses are underpaid.
4 Mcnamara, S. A. (2012). Incivility in Nursing: Unsafe Nurse, Unsafe Patients. AORN Journal, 95(4), 535-540. Yes The safety of both the nurses and the patients Qualitative It was found that the unsafe practices of nurses lead to vulnerability of patients.
5 Potter, R. (2013). How do nurses go about blowing the whistle on unsafe staffing?. Nursing Standard, 28(11), 32-32. Yes Focuses on the how nurses address their issues in relation to hospital management. Quantitative It was evident that the formation of unions in the profession has met a lot of opposition. Therefore, they provide their suggestions individually.
6 Worthington, K. (2001). Stress and Overwork Top Nurses Concerns: An ANA poll reveals that back injuries and needle sticks are also viewed as prime threats. Ana, 101(12), 96. Yes Address the issue of overloading the nurses due to understaffing Quantitative 60 % of the nurses have back injuries. There are fears of contracting HIV through needle injuries
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