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Point Break the Movie Essay

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Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Point Break is a blockbuster that everyone one loves to watch but no one wants to discuss because once one starts talking about it he or she will not finish due to interruptions from people trying to explain how they enjoyed every bit of it!

Its originality coupled with thrilling scenes developed under a capriole plot makes this Point Break riveting. Not to mention John Utah’s unwitting cinematic comic actions throughout the cast which adds nothing but fun the movie. Utah comes into FBI at a time when bank robberies have become a thorn in flesh in the community.

His first duty therefore, is to come up with a plan to root out the notorious Ex-Presidents gang that Pappas, despite his experience with FBI has failed to deal with. Utah infiltrates the surfing community dominated by members of Ex-Presidents. Sure, to his plan, he manages to unearth this gang’s clandestine dealings. He comes so close to shooting Bodhi; the ringleader, unfortunately or fortunately, he manages to escape. However, this movie is ironical at some point.


Logic has it that, as a FBI agent, Utah is expected to investigate and unearth Ex-Presidents criminal dealings. He does this quite well. He endures a lot of pain to establish who the Ex-Presidents are. Considering Pappas proposition that members of the Ex-Presidents might be surfers, Utah volunteers to learn surfing at any cost and this is evident from the way he humbly submits to Tyler’s commands despite being a FBI agent.

Eventually, he manages to befriend Bodhi, the leader of the Ex-Presidents. After a series of actions, Utah and Pappas confirm that Bodhi and the rest are members of the Ex-Presidents after seeing them case a bank. Utah and Pappas confront the gang; however, it manages to escape unscathed. This is a well-done FBI job.

Ironically, even after this chase and confirming that Bodhi and his friends are indeed members of the Ex-Presidents, Utah agrees to join them becoming part of their skydiving team. This is ironical even ridiculous. Eventually, Utah decides to accompany the Ex-Presidents in one of their bank robberies.

However, their plans crumble and Utah is left at the scene of robbery and arrested by his boss. As aforementioned, Utah is brave and he manages to unearth the Ex-President’s dealings. However, it is ironical that he decides to join them in skydiving even after getting what he wanted; that is, determining the real members of the Ex-Presidents. It would make sense if after the chase that Utah and Pappas gave Bodhi and his friends; Utah embarked on a mission to arrest them, not strengthening their friendship.


Point Break is a blockbuster with all cinematic elements that would thrill any movie lover. Utah emerges as both a hero and a villain. He manages to infiltrate the surfing community and identify members of the Ex-Presidents. However, it is ironical that, immediately after accomplishing his duty of identifying Bodhi and his friends, he decides to join them instead of busting them.

McKillop notes that, Utah “was increasingly drawn to the surfers’ -charged lifestyle, Bodhi’s philosophies, and Tyler” (Para. 4). Utah’s compromises underline the ironical aspect of this movie. Even as the movie closes down, Utah compromises yet again by letting Bodhi free and casting his FBI tag into the sea. Nevertheless, the irony in this movie is part of the thriller that Kathryn Bigelow uses to make it riveting and real.

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