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Pop-Up Ads as an Innovative Advertising Tool Essay

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Updated: Aug 17th, 2020

The development of technology and Internet access contributes to the development of new innovative ways of advertising in the marketing field. The aspects allow the establishment of the new approaches to delivering the message to the final consumer. The primary goal of the paper is to evaluate popup-ads as an innovative and interactive promotional vehicle. Firstly, the usage of the popup-ads has to be defined and assessed due to their active spread on the Internet. Secondly, their effectiveness has to be determined. In the end, its usefulness is evaluated with the assistance of the examples. In the end, the conclusions are drawn to underline whether the popup ads are the most suitable promotional vehicle for brand creation.

It remains evident that the internet influence dramatically the way marketers advertise their products. As for the popup ads, this promotional vehicle can be defined as a window or particular image, which appears on certain websites to get the attention of the audience (Belch & Belch, 2011). In this instance, the consumer needs to have access to the Internet and visit particular websites. Nowadays, the Internet can be accessed with different gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Consequently, the popup ads can reach the audience effectively due to their easy accessibility. Due to the positive intentions of online advertising, many companies actively utilize it to promote their products. The wide range of the products and services can be promoted with the assistance of the popup ads. It could be said that the delivered messages are rather laconic and cost-efficient due to their low costs. In this instance, the companies, which do not have the well-established budget for the advertisements, usually use popup ads to reach their target audience without additional costs.

It could be said that the popup adds combine the characteristics as being innovative, accessible, unique, and informative due to their ability to contain short and direct messages, they do not take a lot of space, and can catch the attention of the website users due to their popup effect (Belch & Belch, 2011). Nonetheless, it is unclear whether it can connect with the audience effectively, as it is the popup ads that are discovered as being negative among consumers. Moreover, the audience members are forced to use it since the advertisements appear randomly and rapidly on the website, and in most of the cases cannot be avoided. It could be assumed that consumers change their view of the product towards a negative perspective (Hern, 2015). In this instance, the popup ads will increase the consumers’ awareness of the product, but the attitude towards the product might change negatively as it will be associated with the popup ads.

As for the usage as a brand generating tool, it could be said that it is not the most useful marketing instrument for this purpose, as it contributes to the existence of the complaints from the clients due to the annoying nature of the popup ads (Belch & Belch, 2011). It remains apparent that this promotion tool creates only negative attitudes and contributes to the formation of a negative attitude towards the product or brand. One of the reactions to the usage of the popup ads is the necessity to develop the applications, which can block the pop-up ads. In this instance, the high ranking of the iOS 9 adblocker applications underlines the annoyance and the negative attitude towards this promotional vehicle (Hern, 2015). The pop-up ads cannot be used for the brand generation, as it creates negative attitudes among customers. Moreover, it might seem that the adverse attitudes might be the end of the existence of the advertisements as the complaints continue to appear (Naughton, 2015). Nonetheless, the constant usage of the pop-up advertisements is questionable since it creates negative attitudes about the brand or the product among the users of the websites, and it dramatically annoys customers.

In conclusion, it could be said that innovative promotion tools always have a good intention of reaching the audience from the marketing perspective. Additionally, the development of the Internet connection allows for developing new creative and innovative ways to reach the target audience. In this instance, it might seem that the new innovative and interactive advertisement has to be more creative and interesting for the target audience. However, it is not usually the truth. In this instance, popup ads were chosen for the evaluation as an example of the innovative marketing tool. One of the reasons for their usage is low costs and high accessibility by the target audience. Despite having a positive intention and particular benefits for the marketers, the popup advertisements should not be considered as useful marketing instruments for the brand generation due to their annoyance and negative perception of them from the consumers and the users of the Internet.


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