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Premium Chocolate in UAE Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Jun 21st, 2019

The final customer has always been the target for any product or service brought to the market (Macaulay 123). Such explains why businesses carry out campaigns aimed at creating awareness and brand recognition as a means of increasing the amount of company sales.

For this reason, it is important for businesses and organizations to make sure that their goods and services are customer-oriented. Nonetheless, the focus of a company’s ideas on customer orientation ought to include all the latest developments and improvement on the product.

Such considerations ensure that the product or service adequately meets the needs of the end consumer (Belliveau, Griffin and Somermeyer 12).

In addition, any product that is available in the market should ensure that it has featured all manner of innovations in terms of promotions and distribution approaches with the aim of succeeding in large market share.

Case Study: Premium Chocolate in UAE

Considering the case of chocolate consumption in United Arab Emirates, it is evident that the satisfaction of the final consumer is necessary. As such, this has an implication that customer satisfaction is an essential factor that chocolate manufacturers put into consideration before dispatching their chocolate brands into the market.

However, Macaulay (113) points out to several creative ideas that Premium chocolate manufacturers in UAE can adopt to ensure that they develop and improve their chocolate. Such approaches are aimed at boosting the customer care. However, most of the times such ideas are affected by the emerging trends in consumer behavior.

Creative ideas for Premium Chocolate Development and Improvement

The taste and preferences of the final consumers play a significant role in determining the market share of a particular organization’s product or service. For this reason, organizations ought to make sure that they are aware of the needs, taste, and preference of their customers.

Such knowledge has been cited by Macaulay (113) as significant in developing measures aimed at improving the level of consumer satisfaction on a particular product or service.

Radical change in the product

This change is associated with research and discovery on a given product as well as other types of activities that adopt creativity. Usually, the radical change is done following customer needs that are either unmet or unarticulated. The change can occur in terms of improving an available product in order to cater to the needs of the customer.

As such, the change goes through a development process and finally comes out with a new or an improved type of the original product (Belliveau, Griffin and Somermeyer 12). Evident, radical changes are inevitable since they help in developing as well as improving customer care.

For instance, premium chocolate can undergo radical change based on the recent studies that most of the people in UAE are obese. The radical change in such a scenario would lead to the adoption of alternative chocolate ingredients that would not result in obesity among consumers.

Incremental improvement on the product

Creatively, businesses can decide to improve parts of an existing service or product. Usually, in most of the cases, additional changes are implemented following a need to improve the product so that it matches the market value or customer demand.

Evidently, an incremental change in any form of product or service aims at improving customer care. In addition, the adoption of an incremental change should take consideration of the changing consumer behavior. Such changes ensure that the emerging issues about a product are laid out clearly, and the necessary improvement done.

Innovational promotional and distribution strategies to promote Premium Chocolate in UAE

Usually, businesses tend to make use of existing innovations as opposed to developing new ones. Nevertheless, the innovation that any business adopts depends on the needs of the business as well as the customer’s demand. As such, companies can make use of technology in promotional as well as in distribution of its products.

Business carry out product promotions with the sole aim of increasing their sales, attracting new customers, improving brand image as well as enhancing the brand identity. As such, businesses benefit from product promotion and distribution strategies in that they generate consumer demand.

In addition, such policies are beneficial to consumers in that they avail certain goods and services to consumers.

Following the growing competition, it is important for any business to ensure that they engage in promotional and distribution strategies that are based on innovation. Such a process will ensure that they remain in business.

For this reason, the Premium Chocolate manufacturers in UAE can adopt a number of the following innovational promotional and distribution strategies.

Robust sales activities

According to statistics released by the AC Nielson’s Retail Audit, the market for chocolate in United Arabs Emirates is drastically growing. It is estimated to have 27% and 14% value and volume growth respectively. Following such statistics, there is a high probability that the competition for the production of chocolate will increase.

In order to be competitive, therefore, Premium Chocolate should adopt robust sales activities that are based on innovation. The advancement in technology has led to improved ways of sales promotion due to the availability of online platforms. Online sales sites offer a reliable platform where businesses can meet potential clients.

However, in the case of premium chocolate, the sales activities ought to be directed at different groups. People falling in the 15-64 age bracket in UAE have been identified as target group for chocolate consumption and are thus very significant in determining market share.

Push and Pull strategies

Demand for a particular product calls for the push and pull strategies. Usually, a push approach to product promotion adopts an innovative design whereby goods and services are sold to resellers. Campaigns under the push strategies entail promotional features such as quality guarantee, free trials, and discounts offers.

Such proposals are likely to entice customers to make a purchase (McLean-Conner 21).

The pull strategy, on the other hand, depends on demand and targets the end user. Usually, customer care for any business may become low due the retailer becoming reluctant and thus fail to buy from the manufacturer. For this reason, companies should develop strategies (promotional and distribution) that are based on new technology.

Adopting such strategies places any business at the upper hand to avail goods to customers and to assess the level of their customer’s satisfaction.

Hybrid strategies

Hybrid approach uses technology to combine both push and pull approaches. As such, a business can make simultaneous initiative to end users and resellers. Such strategy is important since it ensures that the final customer gets a constant flow of products either from distributors or directly from the manufacturer.

From the above, it is evident that the strategy that a business adopts plays a significant role in determining how satisfied their customers are.

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