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Prepaid Wireless Industry Research Paper

Technology has totally revolutionalized the manner in which we carry our day-to-day activities. The communication industry seems to be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the advanced technology since there are so many changes that have taken place.

Life has become easier and simpler with the technological advancements. The prepaid wireless industry is one of the industries that has emerged as a result of advancement in technology. This industry is highly competitive and this has seen many companies come up and stiff competition that is characteristic of this industry and has ensured that customers benefit greatly due to the high quality services being offered.

The focus of this discussion will be on some of the key players in this dynamic and highly competitive industry. The companies in focus are epay worldwide.com. Emida.net and eurekarevenue.com. This discussion will also look at some of the advantages that each of these services has and which of the companies is stronger.

Epay. Com is an international company whose main business is the distribution of payments solutions electronically. These services are instrumental in helping providers of various services reap maximally from the sales of their services as well as products.

With more than half a million selling points in various countries of the world like Spain, Ireland, Italy, India and Germany, epay.com has continued to deliver highly innovative and specific tailored services as far as making of payment by electronic means in concerned (Epay 3).

The advantage of the prepaid services provided by epay.com is that customers are able to access an array of gift cards which are branded. With this concept of prepaid, retailers are able to come up with categories and destinations that are fully supported by experts from epay. Retailers also have the advantage of being able to distribute their services throughout the network.

Emida.net on the other hand is a company that operates globally whose main services include the making prepayments globally as well as value transfer market. This company operates in more than 30 counties in the whole American region and part of the African and Caribbean region.

The retail points supported by Emida.com are estimated to be about 46,000 with annual payment of the dollar being estimated to stand at $1.4 billion with estimates of transaction transacted by the company being estimated to stand at 180 million.

Some of the advantages that emida.com has included allowing international as well as domestic distribution of various products which are prepaid in nature and services that involve payments. Retailers, ISOs, service providers and carriers using emida.net also have the advantage of getting robust revenues.

Currently, emida.net is said to be leading as far as proving prepaid services is concerned. One issue that distinguishes emida.net from other companies is the fact Eureka has partnered with most of the well established carriers throughout the world and this has enabled eureka to a great extent to create a reliable network which has proven helpful to clients throughout the world.

This company also caters for long distance prepaid services and this has brought about convenience and customers are able to get value and the revenue goes up.

Any retailer or service provider who has subscribed with emida will also be in a position to offer all their customers, cost effective, convenient and safe options that they can implement to ensure that their financial needs are well managed.

Under the financial services provided by emida, your clients will comfortably be able to purchase stored value cards as well as prepaid debit and also foot their bills. Through these services, it will also be possible for them to make transfers of money to family and friends in convenient hassle free manner.

The kind of services that you will receive from Emida will ensure that the portfolio of your products is well built (Emida 2). It is common knowledge especially in the world today that payment of bills especially if they are hefty can prove to be very risky.

Besides the risk, the hassle involves is nothing to write home about. Having paid full recognition to the challenges that consumers experience in payment of bills Emida has come up with a way of making it easy for clients to foot their bills which is not only easier but also more reliable and convenient.

The payment solution provided by Emida ensures that you gain access to numerous billers from telecommunication to providers of utilities, insurance among others.

With this pay bill solution, all one needs to do is to make payments at a local shop and this helps eliminate the risk factor as well as one is saved the hassle of making the payments and also one is able to save time that would have been wasted in making queues.

For those customers who have subscribed to AT & T services, you can also make it easy for them through emida.com. Just like the bills, these customers subscribed to AT & T can also make payments through the local shops.

Eurekarevenue.com though it has been in the market for a fewer years compared to its competitors, it has managed to create a niche itself. This company is dedicated to making life easier for those who prefer the option of truncating using cash as opposed to using credit cards and cheques.

The platform created by Eurekarevenue has made it simple for customers the world over to enjoy prepaid services through electronic means and with a well established and robust network. The company has managed to partner with different well established and this has ensured that clients get convenient services within their reach.

Eureka revenue has various products that they offer which include the ERI web and the ERI terminal. The terminal is an effective simplifies of selling airtime of prepaid wireless. These terminals are used as they are provided by the company without the need to buy additional equipments (Eureka 1).

The only requirement is a telephone line and you will be good to go. The ERI web on the other hand works pretty similar with the ERI terminal just that in this case, one will require a computer with internet connectivity to enjoy this service

Comparing epay.com and emida. Net, it is clear that emida is stronger than its counterpart. This is not only in terms of the number of years that this company has been in existence but also the robust network that it has managed to establish ad the numerous reliable partners that this company has.

In addition, this company has managed to penetrate in more markets than epay thus making emida stronger in terms of popularity and client base. Prepaid wireless industry has without a doubt grown tremendously the world over.

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