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Comparison of Electronic Tickets and Paper Tickets Report

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In the course of man’s progression passage from Neanderthals to Homo sapiens, he has come a long way. As a result of his pursuit for more and more adeptness and deftness, the nineties decade saw a most important turnabout with the development of computers. Not a long time ago, the word internet was just about unknown to a majority of the people.

And today cyberspace has turned out to be the most ever dominant implement for humanity. The worldwide web is a compilation of an assortment of services and resources (Moreno, Fost and Christakis, 2008, p. 157).

Even though a lot of people still have it in their minds that electronic mail and World Wide Web as the important components of internet, there is much more in the offing than electronic mail, social networks, pop idol web sites and exploration engines. The internet also turned out to be the most excellent big business means of contemporary state of affairs.

In the present day internet has conveyed a globe into a single room. It all ranges from news from corner to corner of the world, unsurpassed information, shopping, paying for the tickets of your travel or much loved movie – everything is actually at the user’s finger tips.

Benefits of internet on personal users

The primary intention of internet has forever and a day been the communication. And it has done extremely well further than the prospects. All the same, improvements are taking place to make it quicker and more dependable. As a result of the coming on of computer’s cyberspace, our world has trimmed down and has arrived at the form of an international village.

At the moment we can be in touch in a little bit of a second with an individual who is sitting in a different region of the globe. In the present day for superior communication, we can use to our advantage the adroitness of electronic mail and have a chat for hours with other people (Arabie and Yoram, 1994, p. 254).

There is a plethora of messenger services in the offing. With such like services, it has turned out to be very easy to set up a form of universal acquaintance where one can give their reflections or ideas, and can look at other ways of life of dissimilar background.

Information or data is in all probability the principal benefit internet is putting forward. It is a fundamental treasure trove of data. Any form of data touching on any subject matter under the sun is to be found on cyberspace. Search engines have developed greatly and nowadays information is found at the click of a button. Some of the most used ones include Google and Yahoo.

The information ranges from academic work, general knowledge, to information touching on various entities and institutions. Learners are having it easy in getting information as it is more convenient than books. Now more than before, one is able to obtain information on any organization or entity that they are interested in (Heylighen, 2007, p. 17).

For instance, information regarding the requirements for joining a given university or college are on the internet. As a result, one can apply for his or her admission from the comfort of their home or cyber café without travelling to the desired institution. This applies not only to learning institutions but virtually any organization that has embraced this modern technology.

Leisure is another accepted reason as to why loads of people have a preference to surfing the cyberspace. As a matter of fact, media of internet has turned out to be pretty successful in ensnaring all-around entertainment feature. Some of the activities that people engage in are transfer of games to a local computer, getting into chat rooms and just surfing the network. The games that can be downloaded for free are endless.

Other things in the offing include movies, music, and literature, among others. Social sites are ever booming as people seek to meet up new and exciting persons. There are several existing lifelong partners who got to know each other through this technology.

The service industry is another high point as far as the internet is concerned. A lot of services are at the moment made available on the internet and some of them include on-line banking, job searching, buying of entertainment or travel tickets, assistance and regulation services on various topics, hotel bookings, among others (E-ticketing (ET), 2008).

E-commerce is another idea that has grown with the availability of internet. It is mainly used for business stage management or big business transactions that entail the transmission of data or information from one part of the globe to another by the use of internet. It has turned out to be an experience bracketed together with any form of shopping, just about everything.

One mentions it and e-commerce with its colossal members swallowing up every single commodity and service will make it accessible at one’s doorstep. It has in its place a bona fide remarkable and broad array of commodities and services.

The internet has proved to be very useful for various government functions. Government agencies are the most users and they tend to concentrate on social web sites where people voice their opinions freely. With this the administration or any other entity can be able to without difficulty get the view of the populace also bring the citizens bring up to date on their plans or activities.

As medicine and the medical field advances, medical functions are using the internet more than ever before. Healthcare experts are taking on the internet as a way to deal with institutionalized information, publicize peer to peer information and to draw attention to individual medical doctors and organizations.

The benefit of using a devoted medicinal societal association is that all the associates are tested against the state accreditation panel record of experts (Heylighen, 2007, p. 17). The function of societal electronic networks is particularly of importance to pharmaceutical firms who use up a large portion of their money in advertising as they seek to sway the opinion shapers of these networks.

E ticket

An electronic ticket or e ticket as popularly referred to is used to correspond to the paying for a seat on a traveler airline. This is normally done through an internet site or by phone, both of which belong to the particular airline or company. It can also be carried out through the airway ticket administrative centers or travel agency(s).

This kind of airway ticket in haste put back the previous multiple sheet paper tickets. This transformation was from near nothing to one hundred percent in a period of more or less ten years. As a result, this phenomenon became obligatory for IATA associates beginning the first of June in two thousand and eight (Paper versus Electronic Tickets, 2010).

For the duration of the last few years, where paper tickets were still being used, airways in most times charged in addition for issuing them. Electronic tickets are not only existent for airlines but for a host of other sectors like the entertainment and leisure industry. Movie theaters play theaters and stadiums such as those of soccer, basketball, rugby, and tennis, among others are some of the places where these forms of tickets apply.

After a booking or a purchase has been conducted, an electronic ticket is real only as an electronic record in the airline, club or theater computers. Clients normally get the output of a computer in printed form of a copy of their proof of payment which holds the record locator or booking figure and electronic travel document figure. These tickets have been brought in not only in airway travel systems but also in road and rail transport as well.

To sign in with an electronic ticket, the holder normally sets off to the check-in tabulator and submits the electronic ticket itinerary proof of payment which holds an authentication or booking code (Weiss, 1993). In many leisure spots, entertainment joints or airports it is not even essential to submit this document or cite the verification code or electronic ticket number as the booking is verified exclusively on the grounds of the ticket holder’s individuality, which may be confirmed by any other form of identification or the corresponding debit card.

The remainder of the check-in procedure stays the unchanged and is same as when paper tickets were the order of the day, that is, the bearer checks in for the case of leisure spots or he or she checks in their belongings in the case of a traveler. It should be remembered that the electronic ticket is not a replacement for the boarding pass in the case of those travelling; it has got to be brought out at the end of check-in procedure.

Advantages of electronic tickets

With the advancement of technology, electronic ticketing is the way to go as it offers several advantages in itself and also the extra services that come with them. To begin with, these tickets can be purchased from anywhere so long as one can access the particular firm’s web site. It is thus very convenient and saves travel costs to the offices of the given organization. It also saves the bustle about associated with queuing and waiting for paper tickets.

Instances of fraud or trickery are highly reduced for this form of ticketing. For paper tickets, tricksters can easily forge and fake them with the intention of selling them to unsuspecting customers (HowStuffWorks “How Airline E-Tickets Work, 2010). On the other hand, electronic tickets are held online and the genuine owners are the ones who can only lay claim to them after presentation of proof.

Electronic tickets are helping in protection of the environment which has been depleted to unacceptable levels. Saving on paper which could have otherwise been required in printing the tickets saves on trees and consequently the general environment.

The risk of one losing their ticket(s) is greatly diminished or impossible with electronic ticketing, unlike a physical one. For the electronic ticket, all the information is online where it is backed up against any loss such as a computer crashing. For that reason, lost printed tickets can always be reprinted if the holder wishes to do so. On the other hand, paper tickets that have no back up will be lost completely if the same scenario occurred for them.

There also exist other extra services as far as these tickets are concerned. Online admittance to a ticket holder’s booking makes it easy to make adjustments to their plans. For example it becomes much easier to make changes to air travel dates, attendance to events and making of reimbursements for electronic ticket holders.

All this is carried out in accordance to the particular ticket limitations (E-ticket – Electronic Ticketing, 2010). This service also allows a ticket holder to print entry or boarding passes at airfield booths and at other places other than an airport for those who may wish to do so.

A number of internet sites are present to assist electronic ticket holders carry out online check-ins ahead of time of the twenty-four-hour airline limit. Such websites store up a traveler’s air travel information and then when the airline business becomes available for online check in the information is transmitted to the airline and the getting on pass is sent back to the client by way of electronic mail.


Electronic tickets have a host of advantages as compared to the yesteryear paper tickets. They save the trouble of going up to the offices or stations of the said organization or entertainment spot, are very convenient as they save on time and money, are hard to forge thus keeping fraudsters at bay and also hard to lose, they save on paper and thus play a role in environment preservation, among other advantages (Paper versus Electronic Tickets, 2010). Their use therefore needs to be encouraged for all people to keep up pace with the ever advancing world.

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