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Problem-Solving in Business Plan Creation Report

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Updated: Jun 8th, 2020

Problem-Solving Importance

The main goal of the current business report is to explain how to start up a new business and make golf available to all people. The main challenge of the chosen activity is to investigate the particular business sector and identify the problems a new businessman can face with while creating a new captivating outdoor business. It is hard to avoid the problems and challenges in the chosen activity; that is why it is necessary to gather additional and necessary information relating to the problem and prove the correctness of the choices made.

Problem-Solving Strategies and Techniques

One of the first strategies that can be used to solve the problem is brainstorming. Brainstorming is a widely-known technique within the frames of which a researcher is able to make associations about the problem that takes place. For example, the current business report aims at starting up a new golf business. The main challenge is to realize what step should be taken first. Brainstorming helps to begin: the researcher surfs the web, uses, for example, the Google searching engine, and clears up how to begin reading the credible material found on the sites with “.edu” domain or other specialized sites. Brainstorming may be also based on the interviews and conversations with different people involved in the sphere of business.

Another important step is to divide the topic into meaningful sections, underline the problems, and find their solutions in a certain order. This technique is also called as “divide and overcome”. The researcher has to understand the main stages of the work and complete each of them properly. As soon as each stage is taken, the expected results can be achieved. It is not necessary to solve the main problem at once. As a rule, it is very hard and even impossible. The results of such solution may be negative indeed.

As soon as brainstorming and classification of the problems are complete, it is possible to think about research that has to be done in the chosen sphere of business. Research helps to identify the solutions using the past experiences of different people and organizations. Golf business is not new, that is why a number of scholarly articles and books can be found. It is necessary to admit that the researcher of the current project has to use not too old sources of information. As a rule, the sources of the last ten years should be used.

With the help of research technique, it is possible to understand what golf business is all about, what initial steps can be taken by a beginner, and why some ideas may be not appropriate for a particular situation. This problem-solving technique is effective as for a new researcher as well as for the researcher, who has already achieved some results in his/her work. The golf industry is full of competitions and unexpected challenges. Research is a technique that informs a businessman about the most expected and even unexpected challenges. Even if the businessman is lucky to avoid some problems, it is still important to know about them and be careful.

Problem-Solving Method

In addition to the problem-solving techniques mentioned above, it is also necessary to clarify the method that should be followed during the process. Among the existing variety of helpful ideas, the PDCA method seems to be the most effective and easy to follow. PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check, and Act. The researcher, who uses this particular problem-solving method, is able not only to choose the most appropriate techniques and ideas but also to control and monitor the challenges that can take place. This method helps the research to set a number of goals that should be achieved, implement the plan according to which all activities can be organized, evaluate the results achieved and make the improvements, and develop a project in accordance with the improvements that are necessary. If all steps are taken into consideration accordingly, the results of the work can be successful indeed.

Problem-Solving Approach

In fact, the researcher is able to choose any available approach and solve the problem. In the current project, it is very important to be creative and differ from other researchers. That is why creativity should be a crucial part of any approach offered. A creative approach is a chance to amaze the reader and prove that the chosen ideas and methods are interesting and effective indeed. To start up a new business in the world where a number of ideas have been already offered is not an easy task. Creativity is the only approach that can help to succeed. Though it is possible to follow the standards and consider the examples offered by the experts, a piece of creativity is that crucial point that cannot be neglected. In other words, it is not enough to do something. It is necessary to do something unusual, interesting, and reasonable.


In general, the above-mentioned techniques, approaches, and methods can help the researcher solve problems and start working on the project in which a new captivating outdoor business can be developed to make golf available to all people.

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