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Product and Service Design Essay

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Service design is the introduction of a changed service in the production environment. It starts with new or changed business necessity and ends with a solution that meets existing customer needs. This question requires the description of a service design in Dubai metro (RTA.) Dubai metro RTA is a company in Dubai that deals with the transportation industry such as air, roads, and railway. We are going to discuss a service design in the transport industry.

Phases in the service Design

Dubai population is increasing rapidly and, this causes traffic congestion problems. The population is expected to grow by 6.4% annually, forcing the number of people to reach three million by 2017. The economic development in Dubai, due to improved tourism and property development, causes most of the people to live in urban areas. Urban development propagates the necessity of an improved transport service.

Dubai metro needs to translate this customer need into a service requirement. This is the first step in its transport service design. In this case, it will generate an automated railway network in order to curb the problem. This railway system will improve efficiency due to its high speed and the large capacity of the train (Stevenson 132).

The second stage in service plan involves defining the existing service. The company will evaluate its existing service, to determine what needs to be improved. Dubai has a extremely large public bus system, which is operated by Roads and Transport Authority. The bus system is large and further developed.

The problem is that the system is far from accommodating the rapidly increasing demand for transportation service in Dubai. Hence, the need for an improved automated transport system in this country. Dubai is also suffering from a faulty road network in areas such as Dubai-Sharja road. This flawed system causes high traffic congestion in these areas hence the need for an improved transport system (Stevenson 129).

The company will establish a service that will solve the current problems. In this case, Dubai Metro will develop an improved, automated railway system. The improved trains will be equipped with air condition and modified to meet Dubai’s customer needs. The train will have a capacity of 500 passengers seated and a space of more standing. It will have women and children section different from men. Maintenance of the train will be seriously considered due to high heat and dust in Dubai.

Since the train is driverless, it will be equipped with video surveillance, a control system and a public address system. These trains will be expected to carry 1.2 million passengers on a daily basis and around 355 million passengers per annum. The improved rail system will enhance reduction in traffic congestion and meet the rapidly increasing public transport demands. This service will be implemented on 2 phases for a period of 10 years (Stevenson 131).

The company will develop quality goals that the new or changed service will be aiming to meet. Dubai Metro will come up with goals such as delivering quality service to customers. Automated railway system will ensure that passengers reach their destination in time. Passengers will also travel in comfort as compared to traveling by a bus. Implementation of new services should be easy.

Improved service consistency, services should be provided consistently to meet the customers need. Enhance improved information and technology. The automated railway system is a form of advancement in technology this because the system will be computerized.

The company will also formulate cost targets. This will involve carrying out a cost-profit analysis, to determine whether the project is beneficial (Stevenson 124). The construction of an automated railway system will incur operating costs a long with labor costs and power. These costs are expected to be met through fares, revenue from advertisement space and finances from the government.

The company will develop a pilot project to serve as a stereotype. This project will help to evaluate how the service will fair in the market i.e. Dubai. This will involve two trains covering 100km and traveling at 90km/hr. This test will be carried out for a period of six months before the official start of the main project. In this stage, it will detect problems, which may affect the project. The company will establish a solution, to ensure that the main project will be flawless (Stevenson 125).

Finally, after developing a stereo type the developed service needs to be documented. Documentation involves providing information about a project.

It describes how the project will be managed and governed, to both users and other stakeholders. Dubai Metro will put on paper the improved automated railway system. This will enable all the stakeholders to understand the whole system. Documentation of a highly risk project needs to provide comprehensive details on how to initiate, plan, execute and complete the project. The automated railway system is a highly risky project, so it requires full documentation.


During the last few decades, economic conditions in industrialized countries have changed. It has changed from manufacturing based economy to information and service based. This shows the importance of service industry particularly service design. It is essential for a company to develop a service design in order to meet the ever-increasing market demand. As a result of advancement in information technology, service design is a serious concern in the service industry.

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