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TQM in Dubai Metro System Report

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Updated: Jun 13th, 2019

Serco emerged as part of the Radio Corporation of America in the United Kingdom in 1929. First, as a service provider to the cinema industry, Serco, after changing its name, branched out to become one of the most prominent London Stock Exchange listed company.

Serco’s areas of operations are extensive and range from home affairs to transport, scientific research, detention services, defense, aviation and health among a few of them. It has become one of the biggest industries in United Kingdom. Serco is currently operating in over 35 countries with more than 50,000 employees to date.

Serco has recently partnered with the Dubai metro system and involved in the Dubai government to create the world’s most advanced metro system. Inspired from the well planned and detailed railways systems of the UK, Dubai metro system aims to accomplish the same feat with more technical gadgetry.

The Roads and Transport Authority or RTA has joined the Dubai government in creating this transit system to expand not only within Dubai but also between Dubai and other Emirates of UAE. Serco stands out because it represents a major force of builders working on the Dubai metro system.

The primary reason why these three companies remain in an area of interest is their application of Total Quality Management principles in a successful manner (Ferretti and Parmentola, 2007, 137). Alongside, the innovation and integration of other concepts such Regional Innovation System or RIS are other efforts to create systems that are well integrated and planned to allow the best service provision (Ferretti and Parmentola, 2007, 137).

What Is TQM?

The TQM or Total Quality Management concept has been in the application within Dubai for some time. In all of its developmental areas, Dubai has been involved in improving over all the quality of its products and services to its people (Shaaban, 2011).

TQM, in essentiality, means creating services and processes that enhance and improve the quality and quantity of production (Sashkin and Kiser, 1992, pp 27). In order to achieve a phenomenal result, all the levels of work and processing must be seen through the critical examination and investigation (Sashkin and Kiser, 1993, pp 28).

Therefore, Total Quality Management is a step by step process where weaknesses and faults are identified within the system which then reforms it to make it more effective (Sashkin and Kiser, 1993, pp 28). The Dubai Metro has been engaged in the same methodology to create the best metro system of the world. It has, therefore, spared no effort to hire the best professionals from all around the world to transfer its vision to them and put them on to work.

The benefit of TQM is that, contrary to other quality improvement systems, TQM can be applicable to all the kinds of systems and projects where technical or other features may not allow to apply some forms of improvement initiatives. In addition, many TQM managers and leaders within the Dubai metro system should show the government’s commitment towards its overall improvement.

The customer and the comfort with which he or she can travel in a metro system remain of primary importance. This method will help to reduce commute times and put Dubai on the map again. Alongside, the TQM principles will allow identification of major weaknesses in the system and how they can be overcome.


TQM is a new concept to introduced principle of management. It allows to apply positive methods of identification of a problem and how each member of team can learn to perform at his or her best.


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