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Project Collaboration Portal Case Study

Challenges and Opportunities

On the background information about the problem, the JVIE was first employed in managing complex projects to solve imminent challenges, which are associated with their implementation and exploit the available opportunities. The early purpose of JVIE was to solve the challenges associated with the project and utilize the opportunities, which it brought. The other management software that could be used is KE EMu.

This software also works in enhancing business since it combines several management systems (KE EMu Software Company, 2012). Notably, some projects continued with impractical implementation strategies as expendable ways of platform delivery according to the targets (Campbell, 2006). As software technology improved, it brought challenges and opportunities.

In this regard, JVIE was increasingly employed as a significant asset of reconnaissance and project implementation. It was dispatched on pre-programmed courses, getting back to a designated area where their payload was retrieved to be used in inspecting the project processes (Zofi, 2011).

The employment of current software was initiated to improve the efficiency with which complex projects could be implemented. JVIE is manageable, and the intelligence supervised in actual time.

JVIE is required urgently in various companies implementing different projects, forcing them to rush in its adoption when their programs are started, through to the phases till completion. Its possession is still in a developmental stage to ensure it is capable of serving the purpose it is designed to carry out. Notably, real time project control and the prompt propagation of information has also become a routine when using software (Campbell, 2006). In Global scenario, the application of Project Collaboration Portals to share information is actually on the increase.

Business Solution

The management’s response to the problem has been so useful during the project implementation using JVIE and KE EMu software. The primary solution of the project collaboration portal include making the best strategic choices, taking appropriate strategic position and strategy translation into action.

First, strategic position enables a company to acquaint itself with the use of the software and know the ways it will affect the business operations (Johnson & Scholes, 2008).

The external forces that might affect the software’s operationalization include social, political and legal dynamics that might affect corporate governance. Second, strategic choice involves making decisions. Concerning KE EMu software, it is able to accommodate numerous statistics, which are vital for storing business information and improve its efficiency and management (KE EMu Software Company, 2012).

Strategic choices are made when data collected and information gathered have been analyzed, because they determine the business solution (Johnson & Scholes, 2008). The decision is made by companies, once they have identified the most opportunistic areas to gain a competitive advantage using the software. The areas can be on the product/service, technology and price and ways in which the software will integrate the aspects.

The last component will be transforming strategy into action, which is perceived to be successful in the strategic management process. In this stage, a company’s structure is designed to facilitate a successful implementation of the project (Blaxill & Eckardt, 2009).

To this end, resources are properly allocated to ensure that the project is successfully implemented within the allocated time. Moreover, relationships between business components are well coordinated as outlined in the portal.

Compared to JVIE, KE EMu software is useful due to its ability to handle large data and other administrative systems (KE EMu Software Company, 2012). Some of the systems include natural, cultural and art history of museums, which are vital in getting more information about the people’s cultural heritage.

It could also involve relevant information on herbaria, special collections or archives and botanic gardens, which are either the preserve of society or mere aesthetic features. This software is so dynamic and accommodative to different varieties of information and makes the management of data very simple and easy.

In addition, the EMu software is classified as one of the best in business management due to its flexibility to suit different categories of management aspect. Mostly, it is workable in a multi-facet environment with two or more variables, which are either relating to one another or purely dissociated.

Lessons learned/Business Case

From the case, it provides the learning point in managing projects using latest software solutions. For instance, the case made me aware that a strategy is a way and scope that an organization has in along term basis when implementing a project.

Basically, the application of software helps the project implementers achieves certain advantages for the company and configuration of the resources in a challenging environment (Blaxill & Eckardt, 2009). This is critical to project management and implementation since the use of software improves efficiency and speed at which it could be accomplished. The focus is to anticipate the point at which the business level and development development could be within a given period.

The other important thing to note is that the use of Project Collaboration Portals to participate and share project information could help in making alterations and address the challenge of sharing the information about the program and its processes (Johnson & Scholes, 2008).

The portal also looks into the best way a business can compete in the market and how it can overcome other competitors (Blaxill & Eckardt, 2009). One could also recognize that the strategies exist at different levels of an organization. In addition, good strategic management as a process has three components including analysis, choice and implementation.

Why I Care

The main reason for my concern is the impacts, which the team project portal intends to achieve once its application is complete. For example, I understand that the internal and external factors presented in a project’s matrix form help identify and analize the nature and extent of competition in the market trends.

I am also concerned because I underscored that using competitive analysis, there are human resource challenges, which have also been discussed namely, retention and motivation, attracting the best talent, accepting workplace diversity, and technological related challenges applicable to the project (Zofi, 2011).

Regarding this research, I was able to see and conceptualize the relationship between the software, in terms of their contextual applications and justification. Though both of them are used in facilitating management, the research indicated that they differed significantly due to their varying content and usability.

In this regard, the KE EMu software was more complicated and contained several variables than the JVIE. The research also enlightened me on the application of different software in bossiness to facilitate transaction and increase the general efficiency. Indeed, it increased my knowledge and curiosity about the various types of software that are available in the market, their uses and advantages.


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