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Qantas Company Marketing Strategies Report

Online Marketing

This idea aims to utilize the internet to be able to reach more customers as well as potential clients. It is an innovative idea given the fact that the Qantas has not yet embraced the use of the World Wide Web as a marketing tool. This method of marketing is also cheaper compared with the conventional ways of marketing, like running advertisements in the broadcast media, as well as doing roadshows. It is also easy to reach a larger target market internationally since the internet is not limited to distance as compared to other forms of marketing that are limited to the individual customer’s preferences (Acker 2011).

Thus, Qantas can embrace this marketing idea to enable development and acquire more business. The concept is simple as it involves starting the company’s social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Qantas then assigns some marketing executives the duty of promoting the Bali route through these accounts and answering customers’ questions and complaints. Furthermore, the use of an email database can be employed to help keep in touch with our customers by sending them regular newsletters, happy birthday cards, and anniversaries. Thus, by doing so, Qantas will develop a personal touch with the travelers and, in the process, increasing their loyalty leading to more business growth through referrals.

Loyalty Scheme

In the previous years, Qantas was able to acquire many customers for the Bali route, but it has not developed a means to reward these customers for their loyalty. Thus, this idea seeks to strengthen the bond between the company and its customers. The scheme will work in such a way that customers are given smart cards like the ones given in supermarkets and retail stores (Kerin 2012). The customers can then use their cards to pay for trips at a given discount. This will encourage them to be loyal, and even potential customers will be lured to become clients due to the promise of getting frequent discounts as a result of the loyalty scheme. The discounts will not be limited to the Bali route only, but to all other routes, the airline operates in.

Improved Customer Service

This is the most basic marketing idea that is often ignored by most companies. This idea seeks to reduce the number of client turnover, which has led to a reduction in business in recent days. Qantas is to come up with a twenty-four-hour customer service call center that is designed to resolve customer complaints. This will increase customer confidence, as well as create a good brand name for the company through referrals and word of mouth among the customers and their associates. Thus, a good brand name will lead to more travelers being convinced to use the Bali route since they already trust Qantas.


Qantas should offer promotional gifts to customers that travel by their Bali routes. This idea will work to ensure that clients are given free t-shirts that are labeled Bali route or other free products. Furthermore, Qantas can come up with a system whereby if the individual travels via the Bali route, then they qualify for a free trip through Bali using Qantas airline. Thus, such a promotion is exciting to the general public, and many people will travel through the route so that they can get a free trip. This will, in turn, increase the client base leading to business growth (Turban 2010).

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