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Radical Islamism Issues in the United States Essay

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Updated: Nov 23rd, 2021


There has been great concern in the world about the increasing number of cases related to radical Islamism. This problem has affected both non-Muslim and Muslim states. Radical Islam refers to a political and militant ideology that aims at converting the world into a community of Muslim beliefs. This ideology mainly uses force, violence, and manipulation to have their way. It is very difficult to distinguish genuine Islam from radical Islam. Therefore, the section of Muslims who advocate for radical Islam blend in with the ordinary Muslims. This poses great challenges especially to liberal countries as they want to accommodate everyone’s idea in the bid to implement equality among their citizens and residents. This is because if they accommodate radical Islam they are likely to compromise their values and traditions.

This article focuses on the issue of radical Islamism in United States and the challenges it poses. The issues of radical Islam in the united state have been in existence for a long time. However, it became a national issue after the September 9 2001 terrorist attack by a radical Islamic movement group. Arguments and questions have emerged on how America should handle the issue of minority Islamic radical groups. Insights have shown that America’s liberal approach may disadvantage them and contribute to Islamic radical ideologies and groups taking root in the country. Therefore, this article seeks to analyze the dangers posed by these groups. Additionally, it suggests ways that America can counter this challenge of emerging radical Islam in their territory without them compromising the fundamental freedoms and liberties that represent them.

Radical Islam in London

Britain is the country that has had the highest number of Muslim migrations. For years, Britain has been silent and failed to address this issue. Consequently, radical Islam has flourished owing to the large numbers of Muslim migrants, need for multiculturalism, and secularization. In addition, victim culture and post-colonial guilt have prompted Britain not to act on this issue. Activists have come up with the phrase “Londonistan” to show the delicate situation is. A British journalist Melanie Philip in her book used this term to address this issue indicating that if their government does nothing Britain become an Islamic country. According to her, Britain’s negligence to address the problem earlier has led them to their current situation.

She says, “Britain is currently locked into such a spiral of decadence, self-loathing, and sentimentality that it is incapable of seeing that it is setting itself up for a cultural immolation” (Philips, 2007). Melanie uses perfect examples to show how Islamic radical groups have converted Britain to an epicenter for implementation of their agendas such as recruiting and funding. Clearly, the Islamic radical groups have found a comfort zone in Britain and have one plan of transforming Britain to an Islamic country where Sharia is the ultimate law. This is increasingly choking Britain’s values and posing security threats to them. Britain has to insert great effort and ask for help from outside for it to handle this problem.

Radical Islam in the United States in light of “Londonistan”

America just like other countries is battling with the problem of radical Islamism. Muslim migrants have been settling in America especially in the poor neighborhoods such as Chicago. Nonetheless, as a liberal and Free State, America aims at accommodating residents and citizen and giving them equal rights. Analysts suggest that America educates Muslims living there on political, social, and economy related issues effectively. In addition, the Muslims in America seldom engage in terror attacks. Despite of these assurances, there still is a looming danger (Marty et al., 1996). Islam does not believe in being liberal. It advocates for complete submission to the Sharia law. This causes conflict between them and others who are liberal. Consequently, Islamism radical groups formulate domineering ideologies that are unreasonable. However, American laws have been stringent with intelligence on high alert, to counter such groups. As Muslims settle in America, radical Islamism seeking to convert America into a Sharia guided nation will increase.

As in the case of Britain, which is the western hub of Islamic radical group activities, America is on the road headed for Sharia (Tetreault and Denemark, 2004). In recent years, there has been activist groups emerging and advocating for rights of all people. These groups claim to be fighting for multicultural integration in the United States. As a result, the government has submitted and passed rules supporting increment of Islamic culture. If the government fails to assess the current regulations, America is in danger of Islamist radical ideologies and groups taking root and speeding in the state.

Basis for fear of “Newyorkistan” culture

Most citizens of America worry about the ever-swelling number of Muslim immigrants in the United States. Essentially, most individuals fear the emergence of Islamism radical groups. Despite of most individuals basing their arguments on emotions, there is a rational base for their arguments. For instance, recently the government has been considering building a thirteen-story building to consist of a mosque and an Islamic cultural center. Amazingly, the mosque is next to the site where 3000 Americans lost their life’s from the 9/11 attack (Kuhner, 2010. Additionally, the Islamic community is demanding to broadcast their five prayer times daily. This shows how much freedom they have. Therefore, this justifies the fear of individuals that these groups will convert America to a Muslim law dominated state. I think the government should take steps and make informed decisions lest these insurgents turn New York to “Newyokistan”.

Ways to challenge radical Islam in the United States

Given that radical Islamism has been a great issue in America, it needs to be resolved. This will help America maintain peaceful coexistence with the international community and preserve American traditions and virtues. America should handle this issue with a lot of sensitivity because it is a religious matter and as we know, religion is very essential to twenty first century politics. In addition, America must maintain globalization and equity among all religions in the state (Thomas, 2005).

The best way to fight this giant issue is by implementing strategies that are amicable, effective, and firm. The government should use force as the last resort. In addition, the government should weigh the freedom they give to Muslim and other religions and regulate it. The government ought to allow only activities that do not trample on American values and tradition. Additionally, the government ought to implement regulation of Channels such as internet that act as Islamism radical groups extremism squares.


Evidently, the Islamism radical ideologies and groups only have one intention. The intention is to destroy the existing values and beliefs of America and convert it a Sharia law governed country. Therefore, the government must address this matter with urgency and sensitivity. America should not try to appease the groups or deny the problem rather they should face it fearlessly. This would considerably reduce chances of emergence of Islamic radical groups and at the same time accommodate Muslims who abide by the law. Finally, America should first understand the ideological basis of the Islamism radical terrorism they face so as it effectively contain it.


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