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Rape: The Misunderstood Crime Essay

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Rape is probably one of the most misunderstood crimes today and equally practiced worldwide regardless of race, nationality, religion or ethnicity. This paper therefore seeks to create awareness to people about the ever-increasing knowledge on the crime of rape and the effects on victims. It also focuses on the motivations for rape since not all rapes are the same. Rarely do women rape men even though it happens in some cases. Men may rape fellow men, but most cases reported involve women. This may be done for sexual gratification, anger, sadism or expression of dominion. (Dean and de Bruyn- Kops, 1982). Several theories have been postulated regarding rape. Ellis (1989) in his book on theories on rape identifies three that is Feminist theory, Evolutionary theory and the social learning approach. Rape is a form of crime that is on the rise and more measures should be formulated to curb the vice. We also need to find out the reasons behind rape, how to overcome them and rehabilitate the offenders.


Since time immemorial, the issue regarding rape has been one of the focuses of many nations. Effective actions to combat the crime have not been successful and therefore call for better understanding of the reasons for committing the crime. It actually happens when one is forced or coerced into an unwanted or forced sexual intercourse. It happens to men, women, and children too. Rape may occur in the vagina, anus, or mouth. Some rapists use drugs or alcohol to blind the judgment of their victims in order to carry out the act without any bother. (Allison and Wrightsman. 1993) Rape is a felony as it causes physical and psychological trauma to the victim. There is a lot of misleading information regarding the frequency of rape, characteristics of rapists, and the recovery of survivors.

There is a need to carry out further research on this threat if it is to be fully understood and eventually eradicated. Recent post poll violence in Kenya (East Africa) left numerous rape cases in its wake. The Waki Commission1 Report on post election violence in Kenya has unearthed the involvement of the Kenyan Police in sexual crimes against women. According to the report, there was a massive conspiracy by the police to cover up sex crimes they committed during the post 2007 general elections. The police turned against the women fleeing and raped them instead of offering them security. (gendergovernancekenya.org). This shows that this problem runs deep and requires a holistic approach that will ensure that rape cases are not processed through a crooked system that will not achieve justice


A study involving 100 men was carried out in an office setting to determine whether pornography leads to treatment of women as sexual objects. The null hypothesis states that there is no difference in behavior displayed by men towards women after watching a pornographic movie. The study involved men who were masculine sex type, measured by Bem Sex Role Inventory, and men who were androgynous according to the description of themselves selected randomly. In the study, the men were subjected to a 30 minutes movie, either on a couple engaged in a non-violent sexual intercourse or a documentary on the benefits of regular exercises. Afterwards, they filled in a questionnaire then each was interviewed separately by a female interviewer.


The masculine men who watched the pornographic movie were observed to ogle at the female interviewer compared to the androgynous ones. They also seem to flirt more with the interviewer. The null hypothesis was therefore rejected on the basis that there were differences in observations.


Men are ”visual creatures” and tend to get attracted by what they see. According to the research, most men get excited by pornographic materials and are highly likely to put into action what they watch. Errors may have originated from the lack of honesty by the subjects when filling in the questionnaire.


Rape is a problem that has affected humanity since historical times. The cases of rape are on the rise and if not put in check, people will continue to live in fear. Stiffer penalties should be imposed on the offenders to discourage others. Pornographic materials should also be banned.


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1 A commission set up after recommendation of the Koffi Annan led National Dialogue and Mediation forum to investigate the causes and magnitude of the violence

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