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Recommendation for a relational database Report

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The need for information technology in today’s business world is indubitable. Within Information Technology, aspects of data storage, retrieval and security are of great regard (Chatzopoulou, 2001, p 1).

Data or information is supposed to be stored in the most effectively organized manner in form of records. This now calls for not only any kind of database system but a particular one. The fact is that not all database systems are reliable depending on the nature of the business undertaken. Failure to have a reliable database system can be the start of information related problems within the organization.

This is because situations may arise in which systems that heavily rely on background databases stop to work. The worst may happen in the case of loss of vital information of the business (Wang, 1998, p 4). It is common knowledge that some small businesses may shy away from use of databases. In this case they opt to use traditional methods of data storage with an excuse of the huge costs involved in acquiring database system.

It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that this business runs the risk of fraud due to the fact that the information is unmanageable. In this case the dishonest employees usually take advantage on such circumstances. The stated benefits of databases, particularly relational databases are just a few. Let us have a deep look at the benefits that come with the use of a relational database.

Benefits of using a relational database

In relational database system the data is made to tally by use of characteristics which are common (Lee, 1998, p 3). These characteristics are mainly seen in data set. In this case the groups of data are quite well organized. This makes it possible for many people to comprehend.

A very good example can be transactions on real estate in a given place. Here the transactions can be grouped in various ways. One of the groupings can be in order of the surnames of the customers (Jiang, 2009, p 14). The other groupings can be in terms of the figures of the amount paid in a given transaction.

Also the grouping can be done as per the year in which the transaction was carried out amongst many other forms of groupings. In our case where the enterprise is operating a motor driving school we can equally have same kind of groupings. For instance, we can have students being grouped as per their admission numbers. Also they can be grouped into groups which have settled their fees and those with arrears in their fee payment.

This grouping usually uses what is called the relational model. The relational model is also referred to as schema by the experts in the field of software engineering. This gives the name relational database system. The relational database management system is the software which is used in doing the groupings. The relational database system has currently dominated the software industry.

Their services in storage of the records on finances are outstanding (Banks, 2001, p 2). Also the relational database can reliably store information on manufacturing and logistics of a given business. The storage of personal information among many others can be effectively and efficiently done in relational database system. Relational databases have useful operations and functions that enable easy manipulation of data.

Justification for relational database system

The relational database system has quite outstanding benefits to the business owners. This makes them to be among the most popular form of database system. One of these benefits is the fact that relational database system has exceptionally reliable security details. In this case permission is required to access the information. This makes the person who is in charge of data administration to enforce the owner founded permission for access.

This makes it very hard for unauthorized persons to access the data in the tables of the database system. Also for the sake of security reasons in relational database the conception of the user and user’s rights are well taken care of. This means that the security concerns of database systems are observed to date in relational database system. The relations are connected to some exclusive rights. Some of these exclusive rights include the right to create, delete, insert and select.

This permits the various users for corresponding operations on the database system. The security of information is very vital in any business. In this case the students will not be in a position to interfere with the system of the organization (Naughton, 2001, p37). Failure to maintain security will mean that students can alter the financial records to reflect in their favour. This can be of grave consequence to the business.

Relational databases mostly use the SQL. This stands for Standard Query Language. This type of language is readable by human beings unlike the other languages which are only readable by machine. The database can easily implement the instruction put on it. It is also well known that the vendors of the database usually treat SQL standardization in high regard than any other standard. Meaning that relational database systems are selling like hot cakes in the market of software industry.

Thus, this fact implies that they are meeting the expectations of the users by solving their problems sufficiently. This gives confidence to all other potential customers that relational database system is the best deal for any given business (McCarthy, 2004, p 42). In this case the inquiry and also the search options are available unlike in other situations. This greatly helps the users to retrieve the required information by help of search option.

The users are also able to get answers for information which they want to know by use query option. In this case the customer types the question and the possible answers are supplied to him or her in time (Mitchell, 2005, p 1). This greatly assists the users without the specific details required in retrieving data from the system. The operations in the relational database system are too simple to the users. This enables the users to take control of the data which is stored in the database.

The aforementioned fact also helps users to easily and conveniently retrieve the data from the database system. This is a key factor in the efficient and effective service delivery in any given business organization. The customers will be very happy and thus the success of the business will be an obvious event both in recent and future date. The relationship between tables is clearly demonstrated. This helps the users of the relational database system to visualize the information which is stored in the system.

The relational database systems are very efficient and effective in their performance. They are also very powerful when compared with the rest of the databases. These facts make relational database system very popular amongst its users. Relational database system can accommodate the use of new hardware.

This is because the technology is dynamic and this mere fact makes the hardware to keep on changing with time. The changing specifications of this hardware are usually anticipated during the development of the relational database system. The relational database system is also developed in a very flexible manner (Henry, 2006, p 67). This makes them to be in a position to meet any kind of data needs which may arise in any given moment in time. The relational database systems are highly scaled.

This makes it possible for the implementation of distributed systems to be realized. As evidently seen from the above points the relational database system is exceptionally suited in any given business organization. This can be said to be the ladder for better performers in business world.

In relational database system the relational set theory is highly emphasized. In databases the imposition of standards or regulations is a very vital aspect of the relational model. The standardization is key concern in any undertaking of a software development. This eventually impacts positively in the course of its implementation. The users derive huge benefits when a certain database system is implemented successfully. This makes the customers happy with the business.

The chances of retaining the existing customers increase. Also, it becomes easy for the business enterprise to attract and maintain new customers. The relational databases are in good positions to sustain the operations which are relational. This is because of the mere fact that tables which are standardized are available to support these operations. In this case the mathematical operations are adequately and effectively sustained.

Mostly used in relational databases is the concept of relational algebra. Other various mathematical operations such as division, intersection, union and many others are supported by relational database system. These are very essential operation which any given business will involve its self with. Thus, this makes relational database system adoption a compulsory exercise for any existing business. Failure of any given business to adopt relational database system then its future is uncertain.


The use of relational databases in Information Technology has totally revolutionized the way contemporary businesses are run. Currently, people can transact with organizations without the need to contact an employee of the organization. For instance, people can build professional profiles in the websites of organizations which are built with a background relational database (Litwin, 2010, p 2). Elsewhere relational databases are incorporated in Management Information Systems that are used by organizations in their day-to-day operations.

This type of database also ensures the stability of systems since it ensures security and reliability of data. Data dependencies and relationships also ensure that tracking of changes to the system is made easy.

This reduces instances of fraud and errors. Evidently, the use of a relational database in the operations of a business enables the organization to carry out its operations efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the relational database will enable the organization to cut down costs depending on the volume of transactions since it enables automation.


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