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Registered Nurse Socialization Observation Coursework

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Updated: Apr 19th, 2022

Help for diffuse family members’ anger when they think no one is listening to them or responding to their concerns

In the case of a family member’s anger, it is crucial for healthcare personnel to maintain behaviors that will aid in diffusing anger. For instance, it will be my pleasure to portray calmness and a caring attitude to the angry clients by listening to them and taking part in solving their problems. Although challenging, I will appreciate taking responsibility for the problems that led to their anger and apologize on the behalf of other healthcare officials. Additionally, I will acknowledge their feelings by not only leveling myself to them but also communicating with them freely. I will also try to show my sincere concern by restating their problems when communicating to understand their main problem. I will also employ the tactic of restating their problems in capturing their attention and interest. In case they need to talk to specific individuals in the health center, it will be a pleasure to get him or her in time in order to enhance the diffusion of their anger. In case their problem is associated with the death of a loved one, I will take it into the heart and try as much as possible to console them. Having employed all these, I am convinced in not only meeting their demands but also diffusing their anger amicably.

Responding to an assigned preceptor who verbally stated that he did not really want the job and had no time to help a brand new nurse on a busy floor?

Nursing as a profession is so involved, it requires a clinical experience. The majority of the people experience had times when working as nurses for the first time. To avoid making mistakes, new nurses require additional guidance from an identified preceptor in a health center. Usually, preceptors are more knowledgeable than nurses. Most of them undergo extensive training in educational institutions before being employed in health centers. Thus, it will be my pleasure to remind a preceptor who does not love his job and ready to call off his responsibilities, that preceptor-ship is a calling and not just an ordinary job as he may think. Additionally, I will advise him on the importance of being humane. It will also be my pleasure to remind him about the importance of generosity in the field of nursing. I will also try to explain to him about the essence of sharing ideas by giving him examples of successful persons who never quitted their respective jobs. Additionally, I will remind him about the innocence of patients, and how they need his service.

Response to the physician when a physician asks a new graduate on a busy medical/surgical unit to assist with a complicated procedure with which he/she have no experience.

Some activities carried out in a health field are so complicated, and they may lead to frustration if mishandled. For instance, surgical unit requires observance of complicated procedures that may lead to death if not followed to the later. Additionally, it is evident that most physicians tend to think that all people know what they know. Some of the physicians also diminish nurses by speaking to them rudely. Despite all these, it is crucial for a nurse to respond carefully to a physician who may involve him in carrying out procedures that are beyond his knowledge. To overcome challenges associated with observance of a complicated procedure, I will express my sincerity. I will demonstrate my moral courage to the physician by requesting him or her to excuse me from taking part in carrying out a challenging operation. In case I am the only nurse that can provide such assistance, I will express my value for life by requesting him to help me avoid making mistakes that may lead to deterioration of a patient’s health. I will also request the physician to give me some guidelines before performing the operation in order to avoid making mistakes.

How did the RN interact with patients and their families?

Registered nurses (RNs) are the busiest professionals in healthcare environment. In addition to administering medication, they spend most of their time consulting doctors. RNs also spend most of their time in recording patient’s symptoms, performing diagnostic tests, and ensuring patients are well served. Occasionally, RNs are also the ones who respond to the patients’ requests. All these were evidenced by the characters portrayed by a RN I observed in a nearby healthcare. Despite working with a variety of professionals and patients, the RN I saw portrayed a caring habit. For instance, he was very open with his clients; he allowed patients and families to take part in formulating productive strategies that could aid in modifying health practices. Although he spent much of his time listening to the patients’ families, he avoided making judgments concerning the patients’ health. Additionally, he took part in culminating an environment that allowed patients and nurses exchange information directly without crossing boundaries. The act of keeping client’s information confidential also played a significant role in restoring and advancing the relationship he had with his clients.

Observation that demonstrated verbal and nonverbal communication between the RN and his or her colleagues

From what I experienced in one of the healthcares, it is evident that nurses share some common aspects. Most of them address each other in specific ways when handling patients. For instance, I observed nurses behaving in a unique way when attending to patients; majority of them used specific terms in addressing each other. In addition to communicating in a language that showed their concern for the patient, they avoided making friendly jokes. Most of the nurses also proved to be effective in communicating non-verbally. For instance, I saw two nurses handling one patient making eye brow movements. Surprisingly, their eye brow movements were accompanied by movement of materials from one point to another. Just as ordinary people, the nurses I saw also used head movements in conveying information. However, from what I saw, it is evident that most nurses use forelimbs in non-verbal communication. Most of the RNs used hands in requesting for assistance. Some RNs also used hands in expressing their joy to their fellow colleagues.

What behaviors did you observe that match your own perception of a professional RN?

I do believe that professional RN is the busiest healthcare worker in the world. Most of the RNs associate themselves with different involving roles. In most occasions, RNs also get themselves interacting with colleagues from different countries. To avoid confusion, RNs are obliged to knowing almost all healthcare sign languages. Additionally, it is essential for them to acquaint themselves with some common healthcare terminologies. Fortunately, I observed most of these characters in RNs I came across when I visited a nearby healthcare. The RNs in the healthcare I visited not only used common terms in addressing each other, but also used specific terms in conveying information. Additionally, some of the RNs I saw proved effective in the use of sign language. Their hands’, heads’, and eye lids’ movements were accompanied by movement of a material from one position to another. I also saw RNs moving from office to office swiftly, an act that concurred with my understanding that RNs are the most industrious personnel in a healthcare environment.

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