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Shanghai is found on the western shore of the pacific sea and at the innermost part of the north-south shoreline of china. Shanghai is on the western side borders of jiangsu and zhejiang. The country’s land area covers more than 6000 square kilometers while the water mass covers more than 100 square kilometers. It is believed that the shanghai chongming island area covers around 1050 square kilometrs and said to be the third largest island in china.

The first Fig shows the map of shanghai while Fig two shows where shanghai is located in china

The map of Shanghai. Where shanghai is located in China.

Fig:1 Fig:2

Shanghai as the leading town in china, is believed to be one of the foremost socioeconomic centers. The country is said to have been performancing a principal task in the nations change and opening movement, including industrial advancement, science and technology transformation.

In the beginning of 1990, the innermost administration decided to speed up the expansion of shanghai into a world trade and industry, economic and trade center and to encourage financially viable expansion of the entire yangtze river region where the town is situated. The town has attained an astonishing financially viable expansion from that time. All these have made the city be the most important interface between china and the rest of the world.

The below pictures shows some activities of shanghai

Activities of Shanghai. The picture shows some activities of Shanghai.

Industrial Studies in shanghai shanghai sciences

yangtze river playes a great role in the history and current status of china. Through the help of the yangtze river, the ancient people gained a lot of experience. This came up as a result of the continued flood that kept flooding at the river. The flood gave up them the experience on how to fight the flood and a nationwide characterstics showing a well-built will of never giving up. After the continued issues like wars and famine in the ancient history, yangtze river currently changed raising up peoples filled with hope and energy. This gave the importance of yangtze river in the shanghai country.

The below picture shows the yangzte river

The Yangzte River.

what makes shanghai the modern china city is the new technologies. This has been enabled by the fast growth of education resulted by the high test scores gotten by the students. The high score in shanghai is said to have been caused by a number of reasons.

First, the public schools in shanghai knows how how to utilize the hours of the day which gives them enough time of studying which is unlike the other countries. some issues like continuos watching of televisions and working while under the age of 16 is prohibited by the chinese law which creates enough time of education which is rarely considered in many countries.

The picture below shows a condusive environment and students studying in shanghai

A conducive environment and students studying in Shanghai.

A big sum of salary given to the teachers in shanghai unlike the other countries gives them the morale as well as motivation while teaching the students . it is also clear that every teacher in shanghai should be have all the certificates required by the government so as to qualify being a teacher which is also unlike to the other countries. since shanghai is said to have the quality school scheme, many students here get entrance to the most selected collegies and universities in the world. All these have enabled the growth of education to great heights in shanghai. (Kaplan)


Shanghai is well known for its growth since it is said to have all the potential that is required to meet its target. Shanghai won the battle of success through education. Education boosted a lot this country in terms of economy and growth. It is through the tactics they had attained that enabled the country have high education. For instance, shanghai was strict in studying and they cared the teachers in terms of pay. These among others ensured a gradual growth of shanghai in terms of economy and education.

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