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Safety in the Modern World Essay

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Updated: May 29th, 2021

Nowadays, we live in a relatively peaceful world compared to the life of past generations. Despite that, there are numerous sources of danger whose impact on society should be reduced to maintain safety. The latter remains extremely important in various settings as people face risks of injuries and assaults in many situations.

The term “safety” can be explained in different ways. In general, being safe involves being protected from various risks. For instance, in the video on safety in Abu Dhabi, police officers maintain safety by catching a highway lawbreaker whose behavior on the road poses a threat to other drivers and pedestrians (MOIUAE, 2015). When it comes to a citizen or urban safety, this term relates to a more specific situation in which the government is acting through the defense and law-enforcement agencies to exercise its responsibilities and improve its citizens’ quality of life. The importance of safety in the world cannot be overstated as it remains the key element of a happy and prosperous life. With the development of modern technology, cyberspace safety has become a separate area of attention (Hollman, Bickford, & Hollman, 2017). Reducing the key risks that people face at the workplace or on the streets, specialists from different countries enable citizens to focus on their key tasks and responsibilities. The opportunity of every citizen to make positive contributions to society can be limited due to the presence of various factors, and maintaining safety remains an essential task. The existence of safety responsibility can be regarded as a factor that encourages specialists in socially significant fields to become more task-oriented and work with total efficiency. Within this framework, safety has a heavy influence on social life and well-being.

The effects of global safety on prosperity and the economy are numerous since safety runs through all aspects of life. On the one hand, the necessity to maintain safety involves significant financial contributions because successful safety management requires research. On the other hand, the ability to create a safe environment can be regarded as a key to the future, helping to save and grow money.

All people can contribute to the safety of their cities and other citizens. I believe that the key role of any citizen, including me, is to display vigilance and report the presence of suspicious individuals or objects as soon as possible (Kvalheim, Antonsen, & Haugen, 2016). Apart from that, common citizens can contribute to safety by attracting the attention of authorities to circumstances that can cause dangerous situations in the future. For example, such factors include faulty traffic lights, the lack of traffic signs, and other problems that can pose a threat to the safety of common people. To put it in other words, even though the government is supposed to play the key role in protecting people’s safety and health, a part of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of common citizens who are not expected to leave potential sources of danger unattended.

The government that collects taxes is responsible for managing financial resources and allocating enough money to create a strong safety control system. Apart from that, authorities are supposed to set high standards for the work of power-wielding agencies. Another area of governmental responsibility is providing such agencies with enough resources to perform orchestrated actions. Importantly, the video posted by MOIUAE (2015) illustrates the power of coherence and collaboration in neutralization.

In the end, authorities play a key role in maintaining safety because they have the power to set standards and compliance requirements. However, active citizens can also contribute to safety by reporting actual dangerous situations and potential threats. Therefore, safety can be seen as everyone’s responsibility.


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