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Democratic Governance Essay


The UNDP Resource

Describing the resource

The source is written by a worldwide organization, the united nation development program (UNDP). The source talks about how it intends to promote democratic governance. This website is dated 2011 and provides information about the various projects and activities intended to be carried out by UNDP in order to meet their various goals, in relation to democratic governance (UNDP, 2011).

Evaluating the resource

One can use a number of criteria to evaluate various aspects of a resource. Some of the used criteria include authority, breadth, scope, and accuracy (Smith, 2005). For instance, the evaluated source is owned by UNDP, which assures competency and professionalism in posting any information in their site. This, therefore, implies that the site has incredible authority. Despite the having a limited scope and breadth on the subject, the site is highly accurate, since there are no element of biasness.

Conclusion on credibility and quality

The resource is credible due to a number of reasons. The site is written by UNDP, which is an extremely trusted organization. Moreover, the organization is extremely reputable with most of their services aiming at the wellness of the society. Since the site is from UNDP, it means that qualified professionals worked on the resource. This further assures high quality of the information in the site.

The things learnt

I have learnt various things in the process of evaluating this resource. I have noted that it is imperative to evaluate a resource before using its information. This is due to a number of reasons that will enhance the quality of one’s academic works. For instance, it is vital to check on the depth, date, accuracy and other significant aspects that determine the credibility of the resource putting them into use.

The USAID resource

Describing the source

The source is a property of USAID, which is renowned and reputable in their various humanity activities. The source explicates various adopted ways of promoting democratic governance and further giving tremendous quantitative information over the subject (USAID, 2009). The last update of this site was in 2009, which signifies a number of aspects about the site.

Evaluating the resource

The information in the site can be evaluated using various criteria. Among the many ways, include the accuracy, scope, breadth, and authority (Smith, 2005). In terms of breadth, the site has relatively broad information about democratic governance. Even thought it has limited scope, the information possesses significant authority due to the credible nature of the editors and publisher of the information. Moreover, the site is also accurate and free from any element of biasness. This is due to the high reputation behind the organization that documented and printed the resource.

Conclusion on credibility and quality

USAID is the organization behind the information. This multinational organization is highly reputable thus subject to limited incidence of biasness. This makes the resource credible and accurate in every possible aspect thus can be used to conduct various research activities. Moreover, the site was last revised in 2009, which makes its information current hence reliable for use.

Things learnt

After the end of this exercise, I have learnt several aspects that are incredibly relevant in conducting researches. I noticed that resources differ in various aspects such as their credibility, accuracy and other aspects as well. They are dated differently, which makes their relevance differ. Therefore, I learnt that it is fundamental to conduct an evaluation of your resource before using the information.


Smith, A. (2005). Criteria for evaluation of internet information resources. VUW Department of Library and Information Studies. Web.

UNDP. (2011). Democratic governance. UNDP. Web.

USAID. (2009). Promoting democratic governance. USAID. Web.

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