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Schizophrenia and Self-Management Programs Essay

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Updated: Jul 31st, 2020

There is a range of theories related to particular measures that patients can take in order to improve their physical and mental condition without the help of those specializing in healthcare. The particular theory that needs to be paid in increased attention to was developed by Dorothea Orem who remains one of the most famous nursing theorists. Unlike other ones, the theory by Orem focuses on the lack of self-care in some patients; according to the theorist, it acts as one of the most important reasons why patients’ condition become worse despite successful nursing interventions (Shah, Abdullah, & Khan, 2015).

In her theory, the author touches upon a few guiding propositions for specialists in nursing. To begin with, the latter are supposed to provide their patients with the access to knowledge about proper self-care related to different diseases (Alligood, 2013). What is more, nurses should help their patients to better understand their needs and activities helping to fulfil them. To do that, it can be necessary to provide patients with support and help them to perform essential tasks that can ameliorate their condition. Apart from that, specialists are supposed to help the patients to understand which things and skills they need to possess to conduct an effective self-care intervention.

In reference to the proposed research project, it can be stated that these general rules proposed by Dorothea Oren in her theory can be applied in case with people suffering from schizophrenia as self-care interventions outlined by the author can be appropriate for those with mental illnesses as well (Ciftci, Yildirim, Altun, & Avsar, 2015). Moreover, it is extremely important to define whether self-care is effective in reducing readmissions.


The proposed study is a quasi-experimental quantitative research that evaluates the effects of self-management programs on health condition of the patients with schizophrenia and possibility of their readmission. The given type of study has been chosen because it provides strong evidence and helps to avoid the use of unverified information (Yin, 2014).

In order to collect the data for further analysis that will help to answer the defined research question (whether self-management programs help to reduce readmission in patients with schizophrenia), it will be necessary to conduct the study allowing the researchers to track changes in behavior and condition of patients caused by self-care programs. As for the place where the data will be collected, it may be important to form two groups of participants with the history of schizophrenia and conduct two independent experiments. For the first group (the one that will be strictly controlled to avoid false conclusions), it will be necessary to organize special unit in a hospital where the participants will be kept for a month (Barker & Milivojevich, 2016).

The given unit will be equipped with everything that is necessary for successful self-care interventions. Apart from that, it may be necessary to introduce additional methods of control that would not involve violation of patients’ privacy but will allow to ensure that measures prescribed by nursing specialists are taken properly and on schedule (Brown et al., 2016). The second group will be given an advisory opinion of nursing specialists on proper self-care, they will be supposed to follow the recommendations without being controlled, and their mental condition and possible changes will be evaluated in the end of each week.

To become a participant, one will have to be older than 21, have the previous experience of receiving treatment in the hospital, and have no additional life circumstances that could become the reason of deterioration of their mental condition. As for the way that the participants will be divided into two groups, the researchers will use randomized lottery.


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