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School Counselor’s Role in Education Essay

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Without any doubt school counseling programs play a key role in molding students’ character and even enhancing their life as a whole. More often, these programs act as corrective forums while offering guidance and leadership in various aspects of life to ensure that they grow up to responsible citizens, In this regard, the effectiveness of these programs must be closely reviewed from time to time to ensure that among other things they keep up with emerging g trends that may affect these citizens in one way or the other. The counseling team must, therefore, be dynamic and adequately resourceful to ensure that they remain relevant. There is a need therefore to look at, among other things, the role of the counselor as a team builder as well as the strategies that may need to be put in place in order to transform the school counseling program and make it more incorporating.


The role of school counseling programs and their importance in the school curriculum can never be overemphasized. Similarly, the ability of an individual to execute the job of a counselor effectively and efficiently comes becomes an important issue to interrogate. The person on whom this important task is bestowed must be able to put in place comprehensive and creative strategies that either enhance an existing program or wholly transform its way of operation for the benefit of both the institution and the individuals involved (Stone & Dahir, 2006). Further, the individual’s character may greatly determine the faith of the consumers of their services in them hence affecting the results observed from the program in the long run.


For any program to be considered successful, it is important to creatively strategize in a manner that resonates with other factors that affect that particular environment. One of the strategies that may be put in place is ensuring that the counseling program is run by an independent department, unlike the common practice where it is attached to another department. This would ensure that the program is empowered through human resources as well as with other relevant material.

As part of this program, students would be encouraged to form small groups through which they would look out for one another and through these groups, they may be trained as peer educators to diversify on the resource persons available for counseling while at the same time using these groups to role out various resolutions. However, the overall duty of ensuring that the program runs efficiently would rest with the members of the counseling department.

Fundamentally, one of the most productive ways of ensuring that these programs are successful would be continuous and consistent refilling the resource persons with relevant information in line with emerging trends. In addition there would be a need to set aside specific curriculum lessons for counseling purposes and even have annual planning for group and individual counseling. This would ensure that each student’s needs are attended to in the best way possible while at the same time encouraging the growth of the program (Lapan, 2007).

As a team builder, I would be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the smooth running of these programs and ensuring cohesiveness in the various teams involved. This would be done through regular meetings to look at the progress of the program. Therefore, there would be a need to lead by example and be widely known to be able to chat the way since having information ensures that there is one is well equipped for any challenges ( Lee,2001).

Admittedly, school crises, especially those that directly involve the students, are largely attributed to students’ character. To this end, the school counselor plays an intermediary role in relating the crisis to the character of the individuals involved thus being able to put in place preventive measures of such occurrences in the future by offering counseling where need be.

As noted, the school counselor is expected to be all-rounded in matters relating to the students. This way, he is able to recommend the inclusion of beneficial lessons in the curriculum and at the same time criticize notable defaults in the school system hence bringing about a level of equilibrium among the stakeholders. In this case he is an adviser to all the parties ( Lee, 2001).

Being a people’s person I would use my warm personality to be able to accommodate people of different opinions while my communication skills would help me to integrate easily the students thus they would at ease to open up their issues. This would mean that I should be able to do several things at the same time and I would probably need to a adopt comprehensive timetable or diary to make sure that being able to attend to all these chores adequately.


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