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Sexual Behavior Essay

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Updated: May 22nd, 2021

Sex is the concept that is treated from different perspectives so that eventually it turns out to have an enormous number of meanings. People are generally divided into males and females, considering their biological sex. In this way, they tend to believe that a person is a man or a woman on the basis of his/her physical characteristics. However, Schwartz and Rutter (p. 1) emphasize the fact that such approach is not always correct because psychically people can be of a gender opposite of their nature. For instance, man and women may perceive themselves differently. In this way, while he thinks of her as of an intelligent and beautiful person, she may consider herself to be plain and not good enough for the relationship. In a similar manner, a same-sex relationship is observed when two individuals of the same biological sex fall in love. In such situation, one of them tends to play a role of a partner with opposite sex. Thus, sexual desire and behavior that constitute sexuality are affected by people’s nature and societal expectations. Masculine and feminine actions are applied to individuals by a gendered society that discusses limited perspectives.

Attraction and arousal are mainly driven by biological stimuli but are controlled by social frameworks (p. 4). People who find one another attractive and feel physical arousal are naturally expected to have sex in order to satisfy their desire. However, social influences tend to make both men and women reconsider the situation and compose themselves for a particular period of time because of the necessity to be in love and have a possibility of a future marriage. It is also significant to mention that the extent of sexual desire is enormously affected by society. Thus, being teenagers. Boys and girls get to know a lot of jokes according to which men have uncontainable sexual desire while women do not need it and are focused on romantic feelings. As a result, they tend to follow this pattern even without realizing it. Of course, there is a biological explanation that proves that men need to have many children to ensure the presence of the future populations, but societal influence makes it even more critical.

Sexual behavior of men and women is determined by their desire, but it can be affected by cultural and societal beliefs significantly (p. 5). In the framework of biology, women tend to have a similar perception of sexual desire and related concepts. However, some populations maintain damage of the sex organs for females to avoid orgasm. In some societies, women are expected to be active during sex while in others there is no concept of orgasm and pleasure related to sex.

Sexuality is both socially constructed and controlled even though its origin has biological nature (pp. 15-19). Apart from society, there is no necessity for people to create families and get married to have sex. However, religion and personal views of some people do not allow them to accept premarital sexuality. Social norms define the most appropriate ways of intercourse. A truly free sexuality is not possible because laws and generally accepted views do not allow individuals to choose a person to love. In this way, adults and teenagers may be attracted to one another and have a possibility to have children, but their relations are forbidden by law. Thus, it can be concluded that THESIS: gender but not biological sex reveals people’s sexuality so that even the most biologically natural processes are greatly affected by society and originate from its effects.

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