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Social Data Analysis Essay

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Updated: Apr 28th, 2021

The company selected for the social data analysis is an Italian manufacturer, Moleskine. The company specializes in papermaking and is famous for high-quality notebooks, planners, writing sets, and so forth. Founded in 1997 as a small local business, Moleskine has grown to a large global enterprise with the presence in North America, Europe, and Asia (Moleskine, 2018a). The company offers both offline and online purchasing experiences and frequently interacts with its customers through social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

The results of the social data search conducted through the abovementioned platforms revealed different kinds of information. The Facebook data includes engagement statistics, Moleskine’s posts, users’ posts about the brand, and comments by both users and the company. The uniqueness of this information is in the disclosure of the way Moleskine communicates with its potential and actual customers.

Additionally, it clearly shows which types of content draw the most attention and foster increased user activity. The Twitter data primarily included various visual and graphical posts, the company’s tweets, and customers’ posts about the brand. This information is suitable for evaluating the company’s audience, customer feedback, and the rate of influencer engagement. Both of the sources can be more effectively applied in “nowcasting” (measuring current situations), whereas a broader environmental analysis may be required for accurate forecasting (Salganik, 2017, p. 46).

Users’ comments on Facebook are highly diverse, and they disclose some strengths and weaknesses in terms of Moleskine’s services and customer relationships. For instance, some customers complained about the non-delivery of ordered products, as well as significant delays in replies to e-mails. Also, a few users noted that the products are overpriced. Nevertheless, a lot of comments were positive and expressed appreciation of the brand and its new products. For example, it is observed that posts featuring notebooks thematically based on popular fiction characters, such as Harry Potter and Super Mario, receive the highest number of likes.

As for the popularity of comments, those that are liked more usually include tags to friends’ pages or are posted in the context of a conversation. For instance, the most liked comment in the Facebook report is a response to the following Moleskine’s original post: “Can you guess whose birthday it is today? In his most famous picture, he is wearing a black sweater” (Moleskine, 2018, para. 1). This finding demonstrates a positive correlation of active communication with the audience on user engagement rate.

Unlike Facebook posts, a lot of the reviewed tweets had a purpose of sharing personal art and photographs with comments relevant to the brand. Many of them were favorable, yet some users also provided negative feedback regarding product designs and quality. Notably, the level of Twitter post popularity is linked to the size of a user’s audience. Besides slight distinctions in the content, the style of tweets also differs from comments on Facebook. Most of the tweets seem more eloquent and informative because, through them, users intend to share a broader range of experiences mainly with their direct audiences.


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