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Starbucks in Abu Dhabi Essay

Product Positioning

Starbucks is a well-established brand in Abu Dhabi. People love Starbucks cafes as they appreciate the high quality of the products and the service. Notably, coffee is a very popular product in the region, and Starbucks’ coffee is one of the people’s favourites. However, to position Starbucks coffee capsules in the tops of people’s minds, it is not enough to focus on the quality.

Admittedly, the quality should be a central point in the promotional campaign. Thus, it is crucial to stress that Starbucks provides exclusive high-quality products which have gained popularity in the world as well as in Abu Dhabi. People should always associate Starbucks with the highest quality.

It is also necessary to add that Starbucks offers a variety of blends. Coffee lovers can experience the world of their favorite beverage at their homes. Besides, the new product is offered at a reasonable price. People should know that Starbucks coffee capsules are a good bargain.

Another important point to focus on is the chance to prolong the pleasant experience of Starbucks. Thus, people love being in Starbucks cafes and enjoy the excellent coffee and pleasant atmosphere. People should perceive coffee capsules as a chance to prolong an enjoyable experience.

It is important to stress that they do not even need to leave Starbucks as they will have it at their homes. People will be able to create a pleasant atmosphere of Starbucks at home with the help of the coffee capsules. This is the second important point to concentrate on.

Of course, Starbucks is a luxury product and customers of the company’s cafes feel their exclusiveness. This feeling should also be emphasized while promoting coffee capsules.

The prices in Starbucks cafes are not low, but people in Abu Dhabi are ready to pay extra money for the exclusiveness. Therefore, it is important to stress that coffee capsules can help people feel their exclusiveness at home 24/7. These three points should be central to the promotional campaign.

Concept of Advertising Campaign

There will be three major concepts in terms of the advertising campaign. Firstly, the high quality and wide range of products provided will be stressed. Secondly, it is important to focus on the pleasant Starbucks experience which can be prolonged with the help of the new product. Finally, the concept of exclusiveness will also be promoted.

One of the first places to start the promotion campaign is the network of the cafes. Nespresso, which is the major competitor of Starbucks, has used this method to promote their products and the strategy has proved to be effective (Albawaba Business 2011). Thus, it is possible to launch some workshops for customers.

Introduction of the new coffee machine will favorably affect the promotion of the coffee capsules. The new coffee machines provide a variety of options for coffee lovers (Dubai Chronicle 2012). It is also possible to start some lotteries where the winner gets a coffee machine and some coffee capsules.

Of course, it is also necessary to place posters communicating certain messages. The posters can have such messages as Bring Starbucks home, Give a touch of exclusiveness to your home, Experience Starbucks at home; You do not have to miss out on your favorite flavor anymore, etc. The posters will have the images of the coffee machine, Starbucks logo, coffee in the cup, coffee grains, people drinking coffee at home, etc.

It is also necessary to place such posters in other places, e.g., malls, streets, etc. Apart from Starbucks cafes, it is also possible to launch promotional activities in malls. These activities can be lotteries or quests. These activities will promote the idea that Starbuck can be taken at any place, i.e. people can have the enjoyable Starbucks experience at home as well.

Admittedly, the Internet offers a variety of options. It is also quite cheap to place the advertising materials on the net. Thus, the images placed in Starbucks cafes and all over Abu Dhabi should also be available on the Internet. The company’s website should have more information about the new product. It is a good idea to devote a web page to the coffee capsules.

At present, the official website does not have comprehensive information about the new product (Starbucks Middle East & North Africa 2013). However, people often try to find some information at official sites of companies, so it is crucial to be ready to give the potential customers information they might need. Press releases will be an important source of information as well. It is also necessary to place a video about the new product on the net.

As far as the video advertisement is concerned, it should reveal the three concepts of the advertising campaign. The preliminary outline of the advertisement may be as follows. A company of people is enjoying their coffee at a Starbucks cafe and the camera focuses on the cup of coffee. It is mentioned that Starbucks provides high quality and exclusive products.

It is also important to mention the varied range of the products provided and the unforgettable atmosphere of Starbucks. Meanwhile, the camera moves from the cup of coffee and there is a long shot of a house sitting room where the same people are enjoying themselves drinking their favorite coffee. In the end, the picture of the people can fade away and there can be a cup of coffee along with a coffee machine and one of the mottoes mentioned above.

This video should also appear on TV. This can require rather significant investment, but it is worth it and the advertisement will bring new customers to the company. Apart from the advertisement, it is also necessary to sponsor some events that attract a lot of people.

This is quite an intensive promotional campaign. It will require significant funding, but it will be successful as people in Abu Dhabi love Starbucks. However, they do not know about the new opportunities provided by the company. Thus, the messages sent through a variety of channels will reach the target audience which is really wide as people of all ages and backgrounds love Starbucks.

It is necessary to note that the campaign does not have to be very lasting. Three or four months of such an intense promotional campaign can be enough. After this period it is possible to considerably reduce the amount of money spent on the promotional campaign as the word of mouth will start working.

On balance, it is possible to state that the promotional campaign will articulate the following messages: Starbucks coffee capsules offer high-quality and favorite blends, a touch of exclusiveness at a reasonable price and the enjoyable atmosphere Starbucks which can be brought home.

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