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“Drop Squad” by David C. Johnson Essay

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Updated: Jan 12th, 2021

Assimilation and Originality

Culture is an acquired compliment of a long interactive process. It depends on the period of time in which an individual is exposed to the interactive process and level of internalization of the subculture. Reflectively, culture varies from one geographic region to another.

Besides, subcultures are unique in terms of beliefs, practices, and communicative gestures or language. A subculture defines the physical and spiritual interactive traits of its members who are united by a sense of belonging and desire for identity. Subcultures around the globe are unique in practices surrounding language, dressing style, religious affiliation, and philosophical beliefs. These processes are a lifetime and may not be easily changed despite the assimilation of new ideas or ways of life.

Reflecting on these life experiences has contributed positively to the remaining firm within a culture despite the assimilation of other ways of life in terms of cultural orientation. Besides, the person assimilating will have to appreciate contributions from family, religion, school life, and interaction among peers in defining cultural ambitions and life experiences that cannot be changed when new ways of life are assimilated. When a person understands his or her true identity and the factors monitoring its development, the assimilation process would only lead to temporary alterations that will balance upon complete exposure to new ideas.

Often, culture is an independent, flexible, respectful, and appreciative person of different cultural backgrounds despite the possibility of assimilating new ideas while keeping the original ones. After reviewing life experiences, an individual can paint a clear picture of what life is about and what to stand for in defining culture while maintaining originality in the process of assimilating new ways of life.

Things Destroying the African American Community

Human beings function on thoughts, behavior, and feelings, which are part of the building blocks of a family. The state of drug abuse in the African American community has lead to the possible effects of disorders such as social stigma, parent neglect, and general misunderstandings. For instance, domineering mothers or despondent guardians are likely to create an environment of anxiety and low self-esteem among their children and eventually dispose of them to substance abuse. Besides, overindulgence in alcoholism, crime, and aggressiveness has motivated low tolerance to distracters and frustrations among members of this community, as indicated in the film. As a result, the community has become poor in stress management, communication, and security.

Normally, unemployment is associated with domestic violence. Lowly paid and undereducated men usually suffer from alcohol consumption, delinquency, and incarceration. In addition, men usually lose their confidence when they are not able to provide for their families. They always yawn to re-conquer their worth. When men are not capable of articulating their situation, lack of confidence will lead them to be violent whenever they are, as indicated in the film, “Drop Squad.” Furthermore, when men do not work, they feel unappreciated. Whenever they are at home, they normally require their presence to be affirmed and recognized.

In addition, religious understanding of life varies from different backgrounds. The engine that ignites an unending desire to fulfill religious satisfaction is basically love, unity in the family, and self-consciousness. It is apparent that the religious disparity in this community is connected by a delicate balance between the supernatural and natural. Interestingly, all the fear factors limiting personal expression and reflection are destroyed in the newly found common ground of waiting for a miracle to free those stuck in rubbles.

Religion grooms people to be caring. One thing comes out clearly in the expression of religion as a comforter of a people sharing the same crisis despite differences in gender, race, and nationality, especially on inheritance. Since this community is located on a busy trade route, there is a continuous exchange of ideas, cultures, morals, and beliefs that are antagonistic to different religious inclinations that give little room for tolerance.

Mutual Exclusiveness

Unlike the African Americans who have deep inclination for culture and way of life, the white folks in the film seem rational and ready to embrace new ideas more easily. They show the will to accept changes without having to put serious opposition as long as the results are convincingly useful. On the other hand, the African Americans are more than willing to put a spirited fight to maintain the conservative and brain washing beliefs characterized by distributing blame to those perceived as the cause of distress. Thus, from the two arguments, it is in order to state that the two parties are mutually exclusive in adoptability or assimilation of new ideas.

An audience conscious campaign concentrates on proactive reliance of the information with an intention of creating an ideal environment for making informed choices among the target audience. The process is intrinsic of reasoning and respecting the freedom of choice between alternatives. On the other hand, a condescending offensive campaign functions on the assumption that audience has same level of understanding of the subject. As a result, this form of advertisement is characterized by discontent, misrepresentation of an idea, and coercion in the midst of alternative available for the targeted audience.

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