Supporting Learning and Leadership with Technology Essay

The world has come to embrace technology, and learning institutions are currently finding it very important to use this technology to support learning and leadership.

For this reason, many learning institutions have been making an effort to integrate the use of technology into their system (Spiro, 2011). This research seeks to redesign the approach that can be taken in implementing technology in learning and leadership process in a school setting.

The focus is on a higher learning institution with a school of computing and informatics.

The school has an intake of about 60-80 students per year, and as the head of ICT department, I have the responsibility of ensuring that this institution develops an appropriate program that can be used to support learning and leadership with the use of technology.

Given the fact that the school has about twenty teachers, and six technologists, it is in a prime position to implement this strategy.

The Instructional Design Principle that would be used in this case is based on ADDIE Model. The choice of this model is based on its popularity in this field, and ease of implementation.

The first stage when using this theory is to analyze the needs. This would involve determination of current organizational needs at this institution and performance gaps (Barone & Hagner, 2001). This would help in determining what needs to be fulfilled using this new approach.

The need has already been identified as the desire to use technology to support learning and leadership within this organization.

The next stage would be to design objectives. At this design stage, I will develop new learning objectives based on the use of technology to support learning and leadership. The learning objective is to use technology to support learning and leadership within this institution.

The training plan would focus on how to make learners and the teaching staffs discover the best way of using technology in their daily academic activities.

The design will also involve developing an evaluation program that would determine the level of success in using technology to support learning and leadership.

The third stage will be the development of the course. This stage comes when it is already clear what is needed in this project and how it should be achieved (Garland & Tadeja, 2013).

When developing this course, care will be taken to ensure that it is can be implemented based on the current capacity of the learners, the staff, and the available instruments.

When developing the course, it is also important to determine some of the possible challenges that could be met at the implementation stage.

Such challenges as possible resistance from older members of the staff, slow learning pace of the students, failure of the equipment and the associated costs must be clearly defined so that mitigation measures can be determined (Grünig & Kühn, 2005).

The fourth stage would be to implement the developed course. The learners and other members of the staff would get directly involved in the use of technology to support learning and leadership.

Learners will be involved in active participation in this process in order to achieve the desired success.

The last stage will be the evaluation. The evaluation will also involve determining how successful the program has been implemented, and how the challenges were mitigated.

The evaluation will seek to determine the level to which technology shall have supported learning and leadership within this organization.


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