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Abu Dhabi Municipality Information Systems Essay

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Updated: Apr 14th, 2019

Management information systems are ways through which organizations utilize technology to manage workers and make appropriate decisions (Oz, 2009). They assist managers to collect and analyze data on diverse issues. They enable managers to obtain information on customers, staff, sales and production among others.

Information systems also assist organizations to control all business processes. Some of the well-known information systems are supply chain, customer relations, project management and human capital management information systems (Laudon, Price & Dass, 2010). This paper discusses information systems applicable in management of Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Established in 1962, Abu Dhabi Municipality provides a broad range of services to Abu Dhabi residents. It aims to develop a modern city that has all services needed by residents (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, 2011).

It uses information systems to achieve innovative preparations, plan development, improve services and develop infrastructure. Abu Dhabi Municipality has several departments that perform different functions. These departments include customer care, finance, registration of births and deaths, human resources, public health, land and real estate, environmental protection and collections sections.

The department of registration collects and stores data on births and deaths in Abu Dhabi. The data assists in planning for services needed by the residents of the city. Additionally, the data enable the municipality to determine the city’s population.

The municipality can use registration of births and deaths information systems to collect data. The system can improve the collection of information of births and deaths in the city. Registration systems have numerous data fields.

Through the systems, the municipality can collect information on the exact time of birth or death and the cause of death. The systems can also standardize data fields and bases. Finally, registration systems can interface with other systems like those that hospitals use (World Bank, I. F. C & M. I. G. A., 2009).

Abu Dhabi Municipality has numerous employees and salaries constitute a large expense area. Human resources department manages all staff and has to ensure timely payment of employees.

Since manual registers make creation of monthly payroll burdensome, the municipality uses a payroll management system that simplifies the whole payroll administration practices. It uses the system to develop monthly payrolls and track and control workers liabilities such as provident fund and advances.

The main features of the system include automatic calculations, report generation, combination with financial management schemes and maintenance of workers’ payment history (Laudon, Price & Dass, 2010).

The other functional department that Abu Dhabi Municipality has is the collections department. The municipality levies fees for the various services that it offers and fines for violation of regulations. Some of the charges are Public Asset Damage and Impounded Vehicle Release fines.

The municipality uses a collection management system that enables clients to pay at a single point. The system collects all payments made regardless of the service being paid for and does not consider the mode of payment. Hence, Abu Dhabi residents pay for services and fines through cash, cheques or credit cards.

The system automatically creates vouchers and receipts for payments made. The major features of the system include automatic receipt generation, cheque and cash management and reconciliation of accounts.

Abu Dhabi Municipality also has a customer care department through which the municipality receives feedback on various issues. Through the department, residents of the city make their grievances and suggestions known by the municipal authority.

The authority uses a customer management system termed Abu Dhabi e-Government gateway. It enables easy dissemination of information to customers. Residents of the city can also track the progress of processes that the municipality undertakes to address their grievances (Oz, 2009). The system assigns a number to every complaint filed by a customer. It interfaces with phones and the internet and can produce complaint reports.

Land and real estate department manage the construction of houses and other infrastructure in Abu Dhabi. It provides construction approvals, architectural approvals and determines buildings to be constructed in a given area. The department also inspects buildings under construction.

The municipality uses a geographic information system to plan construction of houses and infrastructure. Through the system, the municipality plans for construction of houses near social amenities. It assists the municipality to determine the environmental impacts of housing construction, and the appropriate commuter means required for every region.

Furthermore, Abu Dhabi Municipality has an accounting department. The department manages and oversees all financial matters of the municipality. These include collection of bills and fines. It also identifies, adopts and maintains information systems that other departments use.

Hence, it identifies the systems used by the collections and payroll department. The department uses a financial management system that automates operations involved in management of money.

The system simplifies budgeting process, asset management, accounts management and financial reporting. The significant features of the system include support for double entry accounting, compliance with accounting guidelines and automatic generation of financial reports.

The department of environmental protection ensures that Abu Dhabi’s environment is safe for human habitation. It ensures that pollution of land and water does not take place. One information system that Abu Dhabi municipality can use to control the environment is the solid waste information system.

The system can store information on solid waste amenities, processes and dumping sites. The amenities stored in the system can include objects recovery, transformation and dumping sites (Environmental Software and Services, 2012).

Finally, Abu Dhabi municipality has a public health department. The department seeks to ensure that an outbreak of infectious diseases does not take place. It promotes public health and manages the spread of preventable diseases in case of an outbreak.

It is appropriate for the municipality to use a public health information system to collect, unite and analyze health statistics. Health data can be used to improve food safety inspections to prevent harm to residents of Abu Dhabi.

The system can interface with other methods that health stakeholders use to improve inspection and trace contaminants. The system can also identify trends. This assists in improvement of inspections and forecasting.


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