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Tactics of Staffing the Organization Coursework

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Updated: Jun 5th, 2022

Organization’s Competitiveness

The HR department can support an organization’s competitiveness in multiple ways. In particular, it is liable for employing effective hiring practices so that the most skilled individuals occupy positions in the company. However, HR is also responsible for maintaining high motivation levels across the enterprise through planned events (Mathis et al., 2017). For instance, they can organize inspirational activities for different units so that their highly-skilled workers feel encouraged to commit themselves more to their duties.

Importantly, such events should be accompanied by arranging up-to-date training to ensure that employees have an opportunity to refine their skills and knowledge (Mathis et al., 2017). It is crucial that workers should develop both professionally and personally to achieve job satisfaction and stay loyal to the company. Moreover, to support an organization’s competitiveness, the HR department should carry out screening to make sure that the workers meet the established standards and key performance indicators. Overall, organizations remain competitive and successful when their employees develop uninterruptedly, and this is the task of HR to provide the workforce with an opportunity to advance in their skills. Therefore, it is essential for the HR department to work closely with employees, perform constant screening activities, and arrange training for the workers.

Retention of Highly-Qualified Employees

Notably, prior to employing retention tactics, it is necessary to ensure that the company selects appropriate candidates that follow the organization’s values and meet its requirements. As for specific strategies, it is crucial to stress that all of them should aim at establishing a positive work environment for the employees. Apart from that, it is the role of leadership to encourage and recognize the right conduct exhibited by the workers (Mathis et al., 2017). In terms of training and development, employees should be given an opportunity to realize their potential, which means that they will evolve together with the company. Investment in training is a great way to build loyalty among the workers, which will be a highly effective low-cost measure in the long term.

In addition, companies need to engage workers in organizational activities, which will increase their awareness of internal and external processes while also stimulating their accountability. If the workforce feels that their efforts and skills are valued, they will experience greater satisfaction from their job, which will result in greater employee retention (Mathis et al., 2017). Moreover, the performance of teams and individual workers should be evaluated and measured, and rewards may be offered to stimulate them to continue exhibiting high levels of commitment. These practices will allow not only to retain highly-qualified employees but also to create a positive work environment in which workers will feel that they are valued.

Strategic Changes

At present, employee turnover in the company I am working in is quite high. It is connected to poor career opportunities and the work environment offered to the workforce. To retain its best employees, the company should introduce several alterations. The first strategic change is linked to current training practices. In particular, workers are not offered any training, which means that they cannot advance in their careers. This leads to the fact that many employees leave the company. If the organization offers promotion and training when the worker has earned it, employees will not need to quit the company in search of better career opportunities (Mathis et al., 2017). Therefore, the enterprise will be able to retain its talented workers if it offers them a possibility to refine their skills and knowledge through training.

The second strategic change is connected to the need to develop the organizational culture of the enterprise. The company needs to introduce paid time off policy so that workers can reach a better work-life balance (Mathis et al., 2017). This measure will allow improving the organizational culture and establishing a positive atmosphere at the workplace through increased job satisfaction. This way, the company will be able not only to retain its skilled employees but also to boost its organizational performance since workers will feel valued. Therefore, they will commit themselves to their duties to a greater degree.


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