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The Common Sense Science Essay

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The common sense scientists disprove claims from physics discipline. Albert Einstein laid the foundation for two successful theories that have withstood the taste of time over one hundred years of experimental tests. His theory of annus mirabilis, which deals with quantum mechanics, was explained in the two theories. The string theory and cosmological external inflation are two theories that common sense defenders do not agree with.

They do not agree with the fact that an electron can exist at two different places on the earth at the same time. In their counter argument, the physicists have labeled common sense as an impediment to the progress of the discipline of physics. The common sense defenders are also against the procedure where only scientists can judge their fellow scientists. They also do not agree with theories that they term profundity.

The common sense scientists define their profession as one that has the ordinary, nonspecialized knowledge of judgment and that it has the ability to judge the work of scientists. Failure by scientists to find a common ground on Einstein’s theory of quantum mechanics has been a subject of argument by the common sense defenders. They claim that the varied approach used by scientists to explain the theory has only served to elicit profundity.

The common sense defenders observe that scientists should come up with a single common stand to explain the theory. Their argument is that the two theories cannot stand any convincing experiment on earth. They have put forward two reasons to support their stand. The first is that the parallel universe is far apart and the second reason is that the membrane strings are too small to be manufactured by any manufacturing company. According to them, it becomes impractical to perform these experiments (Gray, 1921).

The common science find human beings to be very unpredictable and as having diverse personalities. It is therefore very difficult to trace their behavior. In other words, a number of reasons determine their behavior. In this argument, they refute some facts posed by the theories of evolution, genetics, and inheritance.

They disagree with the God-gene theory. The idea that the human spirituality stems from a specific snippet of DNA and that the birth order has a strong impact on personality lacks strong evidence of defense. They disagree with claims that the first-born tends to be conformists while the last-born children is likely to be rebellious (Parson, 1915).

The common sense defenders demand that scientists must proof every bit of their theories in a systematic way. They explain that putting forward theories that include oedipal complex, conditioned reflexes, genes, and the evolutionary adaptation do not make sense. The theories tend to explain human behavior without giving empirical tests. The common sense is so strong and only special to human beings because even computers developed by scientists lack the human basic intelligence. This indicates that they do not have common sense.

It is argued that the stand taken by common sense defenders have not received the attention deserved because of a few reasons. Among the reasons is that most of these facts come from people who are not natural scientists. Some are philosophers, others are journalists, and others are specialists in literature. It is assumed that they lack the knowledge to carry out any test. They engage in a field that does not affect them.


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