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Physics: Big Bang Theory Essay

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Updated: Apr 6th, 2020

The origin of the universe, on the premises of the superstring theory, was from nothing. In a way, this supports and opposes the creationist theory. It supports it because it implies that matter was created from nothing. Conversely, it contradicts it because the “physical” proof of nothing in the scientific understanding precludes the creator, who creationists claim transcends temporal and spatial dimensions.

The fundamental idea on which the string theory is based is that different particles in the standard model are manifestations of the primary object, which in this case, are represented by a hypothetical string. This begs the question, “how is that plausible?” For it to make sense, one must reconsider the traditional assumptions that underline the idea of electrons.

Contrary to the popular assumption that it is a point if the string theory is true, then it means that it is a point. The string theory makes sense because a string is capable of other actions apart from motion that electrons in the universe cannot achieve. A string can oscillate in various ways. However, when it is oscillating, one cannot distinguish the movement from a distance.

Thus, only a point is visible, which gives evidence to the idea of electrons. Retrospectively, scientists have been able to perceive these strings, and they assume that they are photons. Hypothetically, the string is so small compared to an electron. It is like a computer mouse compared with the solar system. However, following the logic of the string theory to its conclusion ultimately leads one into concluding that the universe is made up of strings as opposed to the conventional electrons (points).

From the information about the superstring theory, one can deduce the solution to other problems that have dominated theoretical physics for years. That is the explanation of why gravity appears to be so weak as compared to the other fundamental forces. Assuming that the strings are too small to measure, or incorporate into other dimensions, scientists have postulated that gravity in its entirety can only be felt at higher dimensions that human beings are incapable of perceiving.

Furthermore, given that the strings are too small to be seen through the application of the current technologies, some have proposed that the string theory is more of a philosophical than a scientific approach. Mathematically though, the string theory remains coherent and logical. However, to the frustration of many scientists, it remains stubbornly abstract and theoretically rendering any attempts to apply it or even experiment with it for empirical results.

While admitting that the theory indeed has a singular elegance in its mathematical profundity, one is nevertheless forced to contend with the fact that there are over five schools of thought dedicated to the superstring theory and, irrespective of the level of elegance, none of them can be deemed conclusive.

However, in this respect, there is a glimmer of hope since it is postulated that if an eleventh dimension was included, these theories might be reconciled as one different way of looking at the same thing rather than five different explanations of the same concept. This reasoning can ultimately lead to connecting the superstring theory with the supergravity one, which was postulated in the early 1980s, although it has been relegated to the periphery by contemporary theories about the universe.

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