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“The Greatness of Corporate Soul” by S.D. Jasso Essay

Central Theme

The concept of the corporate preeminence seems to have become the central them of the modern economic and business environment, which is a rather understandable course of events given the tendencies for the globalization that have been persistent for several decades. By focusing on creating the environment of unity, in which people will be able to share information and especially their experience in a free and inhibited manner, one is likely to create the company that will flourish even in the environment of rather harsh competitiveness that the global market is. However, building the arena for cooperation among the staff members is not the only step required to take in order to launch the process of unification across the business.

Apart from providing the employees with the tools that will enhance their consistent communication process, the leaders of an organization must also make sure that the values and the corporate philosophy required to enhance the process of accepting the company’s principles should be used as the driving force behind the change in the staff’s decision-making process. In the article Toward corporate preeminence: The greatness of corporate soul, the concept of building the idea of greatness as the quality of the company that transcends cultures and time periods is addressed in a very graphic manner. According to Jasso (2012), one must make sure that the current economic and political factors are used in the manner that is bound to enhance the process of the corporate progress, particularly the integration of different elements of the organization into a single entity. In fact, the present-day political system, as well as the economic principles that dominate the market and guide the trade-related processes between the key parties, is based primarily on the identified political and economic concepts, i.e., the ideas of democracy and free trade. Therefore, the concept of cooperation and integration is bound to be supported by the contemporary political and economic principles that govern the domain of global relationships.

Critical Analysis

One must admit that the idea a unity that is viewed as central to the essential relationships in the target environment for a reason. The importance of maintaining a consistent connection between the members of the company and making sure that the same ethical principles and corporate standards should stand behind the essential decisions is crucial to the firm’s integrity. As a result, the publicity that can attract a range of customers can be created (Ghutke, Jaiswal, & Thakur, 2014).

The reinforcement of the information management system that will inevitably ensue after the enhancement of the cooperation system between the staff members will lead to a much better analysis of the data and, therefore, more efficient use of the newly available information. As a result, the efficacy of the staff’s performance and, therefore, the overall improvement of the company’s score can be expected within a relatively short amount of time,

As my personal experience in training as a business, the assistant has shown, though, the process of change that the promotion of the corporate values and the concept of unity, i.e., a sense of the corporate community, imply is not necessarily going to be welcomed with open arms by the people working for the organization. Herein, the primary weakness of the argument lies. Because of the novelty of the new rule and the need to redesign their entire approach toward the decision-making process, people will be reluctant to accept new ideas. Furthermore, with a change in the corporate ethics and the promotion of a different set of principles according to which important dilemmas will be resolved, the staff members may feel challenged and even forced to make the choices that seem intrinsically wrong to them. Thus, it is crucial that the process of altering the corporate environment should start with minor changes and the creation of the environment in which the employees may consider accepting the new principles of decision-making without feeling that they have to sacrifice their personal beliefs and values.

Undergoing training as a business assistant, I realized that the idea of transferring to the environment of the corporate citizenship and the global communication process is barely possible without accepting the employees’ points of view first and developing the system that could help integrate every philosophy into a single matrix. While the idea of the general approach that could embrace the individual qualities of every staff member does seem implausible, there is a place for the theory that could help the identified points of view coexist and, at the very least, be compatible. The lack of emphasis on the identified issue makes the argument somewhat weak; however, considering every possible issue when it comes to meeting the needs of individual stakeholders in the global economic environment is a challenging task. Therefore, it feels that the problems concerning the possible conflict between the personal identity of the employees and the need to accept the rule soft eh corporate environment could have been explored more (Jex & Britt, 2014).

Nevertheless, the concept of the corporate spirit has been captured quite successfully in the article. S. D. Jasso sheds a lot of light on the process of transferring to the realm of the global economy, as well as the changes that a company must undergo in order to become successful in the global market. The phenomenon of entrepreneurial endurance that the author touches upon is especially intriguing as it adds a whole new layer of corporate integrity. Furthermore, it renders the issue of data management that engages the staff members to use the available information to their advantage and evolve as professionals. Particularly, the opportunities for acquiring new and important skills need to be addressed. Thus, the paper provides a detailed overview of the contemporary environment of the global market, if, perhaps, lacking a perspective of an employee as an individual.


The lessons learned from the article are rather obvious. It is crucial to make sure that the principles of unity and cooperation are encouraged and promoted among the staff members. Furthermore, it is crucial that the corporate philosophy on which these principles could be built should be established. Thus, the staff members will have a chance to adapt to the organizational changes and try the new roles that they might find more comfortable as they get used to them.

The need to adopt a flexible leadership approach along with a sensible data management strategy, therefore, can be considered the primary lesson to learn. While employees need to be challenged to receive the impetus for further development, they also need an efficient support system. By creating the environment in which they will felt comfortable about accepting the new philosophy and behavioral models, one is bound to build premises for a rapid increase in not only the staff’s performance levels but also their loyalty rates in the context of the global economy.


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