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The Leadership Challenge Overview Essay

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Updated: Jun 6th, 2022

Credibility is what all leaders have to aim to obtain since it positions them as a reliable source of information and decision-making. To establish my credibility as a leader, I need to follow several important rules. Firstly, I should treat my colleagues with respect, which is key to gaining their loyalty and respect in return. Secondly, I should rely on honesty, which means sharing only truthful information with employees. Thirdly, it is crucial that I show consistency in my behavior without reversing my decisions or shifting courses.

To model the way for others, one needs to set a good example based on a clear set of values. However, leaders cannot impose their own ones on the personnel, hoping that they will accept them. Instead, leaders should do their best to engage others in common aspirations. First of all, a leader must clarify his or her personal principles and then think about building and affirming shared values. It is their behavior that earns leader’s respect, which is why the way for others needs to be modeled through ordinary daily acts, such as working side-by-side with colleagues, handling critical incidents with composure, and celebrating people’s achievements.

Leaders who inspire a shared vision engage the staff in establishing and working toward an end goal. Communication strategies are a good tool for enlisting others in a common vision. A leader has to clearly identify the objectives and deliver them to employees in a simple and understandable manner. It is necessary to explain to workers how each of them will benefit from the change. Also, a leader is expected to be able to employ strategies for dealing with potential active and passive employee resistance.

Great leaders should not be afraid of challenges but seek and accept them. I will challenge the process by searching for opportunities, trying new things, doing experiments, taking risks, and learning from mistakes. As a DNP practice scholar, I will find the best available evidence to improve patient outcomes, utilize the dissemination strategies to share it with the workers, implement evidence-based practices, and evaluate the results. Being a change agent, I need to involve myself in a lifelong learning process and remain open to new ideas.

It is generally known that the success of an organization is a team effort, not a leader’s one. I will enable the staff to act by facilitating collaboration and strengthening the capacity of each employee. Special attention should be paid to team-building strategies as a means of forming unity between people. I could schedule a collaborative working time during which employees may discuss some daily issues. It is important that a leader know the strengths and weaknesses of each person in order to understand how to benefit from them in the working process (Palmer, Dunford, & Buchanan, 2017). Moreover, a leader has to encourage interprofessional collaboration so that the person can develop their emotional competency. It is a leader who is responsible for creating an environment in which each worker is involved and feels valued.

The contributions of others may be recognized by showing appreciation for their excellence. Each individual’s input should not go unseen, and even the smallest victories should be acknowledged. By taking genuine care of workers and recognizing their personal achievements, a leader uplifts their spirits and motivates them to work toward the shared goal. The forms of encouragement that I may utilize vary from simple thank-you’s to note cards, T-shirts, or other small yet pleasant things. Also, people’s accomplishments may be celebrated in a group setting to create a sense of camaraderie and encouragement.


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